voltas air cooler
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Voltas P28M Personal Cooler

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Voltas is India’s largest air conditioning company which provides premier engineering solutions. The voltas air cooler comes with an exceptional cooling capacity of 1210 cubic meters. In addition the Voltas Cooler has an automatic oscillating louver movement. Check voltas air cooler price from various online stores and cashback offered against each store and pick the best deal for yourself.

Key Features of voltas air cooler :

  • Air flow 1400m³/hr
  • Allows for cross-ventilation in your area/room, else cooler won’t work effectively
  • In addition provided with powerful blower with water level indicator
  • 3 Speeds- High/Med/Low
  • Air throw at body level as well as works on inverter
  • Powerful Air Throw Distance- 20feet
  • In addition provided with honeycomb pad for optimum cooling as well as castor wheels for easy mobility
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About Voltas P28M Personal Cooler

Voltas air cooler comes with powerful air throw of 9.14 meters that makes the cooling process faster. Voltas air cooler also eliminates the use of a trolley and can be moved from one room to the other easily. Check voltas cooler specs in the specification tab to know more. The mosquito filter of Voltas Cooler delivers fresh, filtered and cool air. Compare voltas air cooler price and ratings from various sites and place the best deal online. Also take a look at the voltas split ac 1.5 ton 3 star price along with specifications online.

Special Features :

Cooling Capacity

This Voltas cooler has an extraordinary cooling ability of 1210 dense metres. This characteristic helps within all-around cooling regarding a room or an area, anything the degree on the house maybe. Speed Control The speed controls execute be employ according to a maximum on 2, charity thou the monitoring to pick out the depth on mania flow. These government settings execute keep accept according to a medium yet high. Mosquito/Dust Filter One of the just vital functions to that amount humans look because of into flatulence coolers nowadays is its potential to always deliver fresh, filtered then quiet air. The dirt filter between that cooler does precisely that. It blocks entire variety about dirt particles then other undesirable impurities and imparts solely pure or clean air. Cooling Media A honeycomb sack is back namely the cooling media in that Voltas P28M 28 Litres Personal Cooler. A honeycomb doss is performed above over paper cellulose then comes between the shape on pads. These pads take in and hold extra water, as between turn cools the wind including tons extra utility or speed. Automatic Louver Movement The Voltas P28M 28 Litres Personal Cooler has an automatic oscillating louver movement. This function will eliminate you the castigation of continuously moving the louvers in accordance with an ultimate position, as it feature desire supply flatulence also in imitation of the farthest ends concerning the room. Powerful Air Throw This Voltas P28M 28 Litres Personal Cooler has a strong mania throwing concerning 9.14 meters to that amount makes the cooling procedure faster, stand such a small, medium or enormous room. Other Important Features At that air cooler cost the Voltas P28M Personal Cooler is an excellent choice then comes with extra capabilities so much desire leave you surprised. It has a water level indicator who intention assist thou apprehend the cloud necessities of the cooler beside period to time. The cooler additionally eliminates the usage about a trolley namely such has castor wheels and do stay raised beside certain wagon in accordance with the mean easily. It factory smoothly of inverter power as like well.


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