vega cliff helmet
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Vega Cliff Full Face Helmet

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Vega Helmets comes with a goal of offering a quality product with the most wanted features at a reasonable price. Vega Cliff Helmet comes with an ABS outer shell making it very much capable of protecting the rider. In addition Vega full face helmet is totally scratch resistant as well as you can keep it looking brand new even after years of usage. Check vega helmet price from various online stores as well as cashback offered against each store and pick the best deal for yourself.

Key Features of Vega Cliff Helmet :

  • ISI approved helmet
  • The new helmets may feel tight at initial stages and ensures safety
  • The foam requires around 10 days to adjust to rider’s head shape
  • In addition this helmet is provided with Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene outer shell
  • Provided with scratch resistant helmet and visor
  • Comes with easy fitting visors
  • This helmet is snug fit
  • Light in weight and compact design
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About Vega Cliff Full Face Helmet

Vega Cliff Helmet is of matte black finish and gives it a very attractive look. Vega full face helmet is extremely compact and features a medium size with ISI approved. As per Vega Cliff Helmet review by various users its value for money Helmet with a brand trustability factor from Vega and provide comfort at low cost. Compare vega helmet price and specifications at various sites and place the deal. Also take a look at the vega crux flip up helmet price along with specifications.

Special Features :

High Impact Resistance

This full-face helmet is designed along high-quality, challenging substances so perform such stopping according to breaking. Scratch-resistant Both the helmet then the visor bear scratch-resistant surfaces, yet that’s such as makes it accessory reliable or durable. Compact and Comfortable The close design yet the comfortable match ascertain to that amount that helmet looks fashionable regarding thine head. It is also lightweight, so such won’t lie uncomfortable because ye in accordance with wear this helmet because hours.


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