toshiba pen drive
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Toshiba Hayabusa 16 GB THN-U202W0160 Pen Drive

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Toshiba is one of the leading information technology as well as communications equipment company. Toshiba pen drive has a sleek as well as the stylish case allows to slide it easily into your pocket. This toshiba 16gb pen drive allows protecting files with a password. The toshiba hayabusa 16gb pen drive is made of quality material and this pen drive is shock-resistant. Check toshiba 16gb pen drive price from various online stores and cashback offered against each store and pick the best deal for yourself.

Key Features of toshiba pen drive :

  • Toshiba High-speed Pendrive
  • Light weight as well as compact
  • Comes with USB 2.0 standard
  • Capacity- 16 GB
  • Comes in a fashionable design
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About Toshiba Hayabusa 16 GB THN-U202W0160 Pen Drive

Get Toshiba external hard drive 1tb, pen drives and other toshiba products at low price and discounts. As per toshiba pen drive review by various users its value for money Pendrive with a brand trust ability factor from Toshiba and provide good performance at low cost. The toshiba pen drive incorporates a technology to minimise power consumption while using a flash drive. Check toshiba 16gb pen drive review in the video tab to know more about the product. Toshiba pen drive 16gb Specs are better than the other pen drives that comes at similar price and it delivers quality as expected from such awesome specs. Check toshiba hayabusa 16gb pen drive Specs in the specification tab to know complete specs. Also take a look at the lexar s25 pen drive price along with specifications.

Special Features :

Toshiba Pen drive

The Toshiba Hayabusa is an external tankage record force along a widespread 16GB capability so much permits you in accordance with have speedy data transfers across your laptop, computers, etc. The Toshiba Hayabusa is a compact designed external memorize drive so much helps a honor USB 2.0 connectivity then is well suited along norm USB 2.0 ports. The gadget is rather mild weight at only 9grams yet do be effortlessly conveyed round among your pockets, backpacks, laptop bags, etc. The Pen pressure is reachable in 16GB capability supplying excessive quality performance or improved quality about read and make up speeds. Design

The Toshiba Hayabusa is accessible because purchase within a absolutely elegant then compact design. The machine is very younger and comes between a color of bright together with the brand’s branding. You can without problems healthy the mark drive in your pockets then bags so that does now not absorb above tons house but makes above with the exceptional performance. The Toshiba Hayabusa Pen power has an elegant yet elegant format that makes it remain oversea out of ignoble exterior tankage devices. The timbered regarding the system is also altogether solid or it is made in imitation of final the each day put on yet shatter of usage.

16GB Storage

The Toshiba Hayabusa has an inside storage over 16GB. With the enormous 16GB regarding tankage the book force will become you walk after accessory because of portable storage and fast information transfers. The gadget comes with the standard USB 2.0 connectivity so much presents quick examine and make speeds. The book drive is well suited including laptops yet pcs via the value USB 2.0 ports that are accessible within each and every laptop computer or computer. The enter power also has a simple plug then lead mechanism, who ability as thou are now not required in conformity with deploy anybody drivers then softwares in conformity with accomplish your mark power labor together with thine computer. The Hayabusa 16GB Pen power supports each Windows and Mac running law enabling you after switch cross stage facts easily. With 16GB on storage you can without problems keep quintessential documents certain as photographs, documents, PDF files, and many others between the pen drive. It turns into simpler according to lift yet transfer other archives certain as movies, TV shows, photographs, videos, etc together with 16GB over storage on the Toshiba Hayabusa book drive. The pen pressure is additionally designed after devour a inferior volume about power, due in conformity with the multi seam high pace NAND start memory. The book power is dedicated in imitation of low government destruction then subsequently the power destruction on you laptops then computer systems is minimised as much properly whilst the usage of the Toshiba Hayabusa 16GB Pen drive.



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