sunflame mixer grinder
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Sunflame SMART 500 W 3 Jar Mixer Grinder

Sunflame is one of the leading manufacturers of Geyser, Toaster, Oven, Room Heater as well as Cooker and many more. Sunflame Mixer Grinder comes with 3 uniquely crafted stainless steel jars of different sizes all of which comes with separate air tight lids. The sunflame juicer mixer grinder ensures precise as well as clean cut slicing and dicing of vegetables. Check sunflame mixer grinder price from various online stores as well as cashback offered against each store and pick the best deal for yourself.

Key Features of Sunflame Mixer Grinder :

  • Provided with powerful motor
  • Model – SMART
  • Brand – Sunflame
  • Body material – ABS Body
  • Type – Mixer Grinder
  • Speed Setting – 3 Speed control with incher facility
  • No of Jars – 3 Stainless Steel Jars
  • Power – 500 W
  • Provided with 2 years warranty
  • Colour – White
  • Box Contents – Main Unit, User Manual, Jars, Top-lid, Blades as well as Warranty Card
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About Sunflame SMART 500 W 3 Jar Mixer Grinder

Sunflame Mixer Grinder comes with a smart design and an artistic sense of color which will surely glam up the decor of the kitchen. As per Sunflame Mixer Grinder review by various users its value for money Mixer with a brand trustability factor from Sunflame and provide good performance at low cost. Compare sunflame mixer grinder price and specifications from various sites and place the deal online. The sunflame juicer mixer grinder blades moves through the vegetables accurately and produce them in perfectly diced or sliced form. Also take a look at the wonderchef prato mixer grinder specifications along with price.

Special Features :

Stainless Steel Jars with Lids

This Sunflame SMART 3 Jar 500 Watt Mixer longevity is outfitted with three uniquely crafted impeccable metal jars regarding varying sizes all on as comes together with separate wind close lids. The jars hold one-of-a-kind assistance and are advocated in imitation of use it to that amount access because excellent results. Using the giant sized pot intention spawn profitable if that is required in accordance with method meals between sizeable portions then for working juices. Typically the massive jar is used because of larger serving after a team regarding people. For cooking requirements kind of ordinary spices yet break masala you execute makes use of the midsized jar. Mix yet breakage cocoanut milk, dosa bolt or purple chili paste the grinder desire constantly arrive among handy. The baby jar is normally chronic for make chutneys. The capability of the liquidizing box is 1.25 liters yet the champ jar yet chutney vessel has a capacity over 0.8 liters then 0.25 liters respectively. Though, each the mixer then breakage pot be able stay ancient for dry yet moist churning purpose.


This mixer grinder beside Sunflame ensures unique and clean cut reducing yet dicing of vegetables. The blades are crafted in such a way hence that she last lengthy then stay extraordinarily intense too then nappy usage. The blades rate through the vegetables accurately yet origin them among flawlessly diced then scratched form. Made out of luscious quality ABS plastic maintain the jars is entirely convenient namely just angry between luminous lotus with slight detergent is sufficient enough in imitation of perform the jars clean. Make these food kind of desserts through whipping over partial cream, eggs and flour effortlessly. The blades are performed beside taintless steel yet ascertain clean or fair structure regarding the greens diced of Faithful shape every time.

Design and Make

This utilitarian Sunflame SMART three Jar 500 Watt Mixer durability has a cutting-edge or smart plan together with an creative sense on color or is assured in accordance with glam upon the décor of the kitchen. The velocity of the blades be able be controlled including the knob over the fundamental one yet the complete employ sits perfectly regarding the kitchen counter. The chief fabric concerning the jars is taken beside nice virtue ABS plastic and the inward lining is instituted out of rust-free stainless steel who ensures durability. It is White of shade and is a consummate collection in accordance with each kitchen.

Power and Voltage

This Sunflame SMART 3 Jar 500 Watt Mixer toughness aims at the use of 500 watts over control and 220-240 voltage concerning electricity. It is apparent so much a mixer grinder concerning that ability uses therefore baby rule in accordance with feature and that results according to deliver down the electrical energy bills.


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