sennheiser cx686g
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Sennheiser CX686G Sports Wired Headset With Mic

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Sennheiser is a German audio company specializing in the design and production of a wide range of products. Sennheiser sells top quality headphones, headsets, earphones, and microphones. The Sennheiser CX686G comes with an ergonomic design and provides premium sound quality with deep bass. As per Sennheiser CX 686G review by various users its value for money Headphones with a brand trustability factor from Sennheiser and provide quality outputs at low cost.

Key Features of Sennheiser CX686G :

  • It is compatible with most smartphones and portable players 
  • The cable has inline smart remote and mic
  • Slide-to-Fit system is fully adjustable for an individualised fit
  • The sealed in-ear-canal design blocks outside noise
  • The oval-shaped, para-aramid reinforced cables help eliminate tangled wires and reduce cable noise
  • Comes with an anti-bacterial ear adapters (SteriTouch)


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About Sennheiser CX686G Sports Wired Headset With Mic

Get yourself Sennheiser headphones India with well build in quality at low price. Sennheiser CX686G are the perfect training partner as they come with an innovative slide-to-fit mechanism for a secure fit and sealed in-the-ear-canal design for blocking external noise. Sennheiser cx 685 sports features a mic to make/take calls or to adjust the volume of tracks more conveniently while running on a treadmill. Sennheiser cx 685 sports headphone is sweat resistant and will be fine even if you sprinkle some water on it accidentally. Check Sennheiser CX 686G review in video tab and get to know more about the product. Also take a look at the sennheiser 598 Over Ear Headphone price along with specifications.

Special Features :

Smart remote and mic

in-line regarding the connecting tow presenting song and name monitoring is well suited including near smartphones (including Android, Windows Mobile then Blackberry devices).

Sealed in-ear canal design

helps obstacle ambit noise yet enhance soft response after enhance musical enjoyment.

SteriTouch ear adapters

are anti-bacterial making sure healthy traits over a breath of usage and washes.

Slide-to-fit system

is completely certain for an individualized match supporting this audition phones stay in area throughout thine workout.

Para-aramid reinforced cable

is intense and perdurable offering long term reliability.

Oval-shaped cable

reduces cable maze and resists tangling for an elevated listening experience.


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