seagate wireless 500gb
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Seagate Wireless 500GB Hard Drive

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Seagate wireless 500gb broadcasts its own Wi-Fi network. Now you can choose which files to sync to your mobile device  with 500GB of storage. Windows 8 users can access all the content on Seagate Wireless directly from their desktops using the Seagate Media App for a truly wireless drive experience. Seagate Wireless 500gb Hard Drive is a lightweight mobile storage. It weighs around 281gms and can be easily carried from one place to another

Key Features of Seagate wireless 500gb :

  • Wireless storage for smartphones, tablets, and computers
  • Wirelessly stream your favorite content anywhere. No Internet Required
  • Perfect for air travel, road trips
  • Stream content on up to 5 different devices at the same time
  • Delivers up to 10-hour battery life
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About Seagate Wireless 500GB Hard Drive

The seagate india manufactures the best hard dist and you can get it at vaery low cost. Seagate Wireless 500gb Hard Drive device has an enormous storage capacity of 500GB. Now you can save all your movies, videos, songs, games, files and any other digital data in a single storage device without any hassle using Seagate wireless hard drive. Since Seagate wifi hard drive it is a wireless mobile storage you can carry it with you in your bag. Wherever you go, your digital data follows. Also take a look at seagate slim 2tb hard disk specifications and price.

Special Features of seagate wireless 500gb Hard Drive :

Stream to 3 Devices at Once

Stream your media and archives to up to three cellular devices at the identical time, at home or on the road. Everyone can watch what they want, how they want. Internet now not required.

Back Up Your Mobile Devices, on the Go

Use the free Seagate Media App to lower back up and protect the pics and videos on your tablet and smartphone on the go.

Works with Your Favorite Devices

Wireless and the free Seagate Media App are well suited with AirPlay, Roku, and Samsung and LGclever TVs, so it's convenient to circulate to the massive screen and watch with buddies and family.



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