sansui ac review
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Sansui SSZ33 1 Ton 3 Star Split AC

Sansui is one of the leading manufacturers in plasma and LCD display, projectors, DVD player as well as air conditioners. The sansui 1 ton 3 star split ac white comes with an Activated Carbon air filter that helps to eliminate common odors. As per sansui ac review by various users its value for money AC with a brand trustability factor from sansui. In addition the AC comes with Catechin filter which deactivates bacteria. Check sansui split ac 1 ton Specs in the specification tab to know complete specs.

Key Features :

  • Provided with anti bacteria filter
  • Comes with auto restart features
  • Provided with aluminum condenser
  • Dust Filter
  • In addition the AC features dehumidification
  • Sleep Mode
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About Sansui SSZ33 1 Ton 3 Star Split AC

Get the latest Sansui AC along with Sansui remote at low price and amazing discounts online. The heat exchanger of this sansui split ac 1 ton comes with anti-rust aluminum blue fins to protect it from corrosion. This Sansui 1 ton 3 star split ac white also helps to enhance its durability as well as efficiency, thereby increasing energy savings.  Sansui 1 ton 3 star split ac white Specs are better than the other AC that comes at similar price and it delivers quality as expected from such awesome specs. Check sansui ac review in video tab to know more about the product. Also take a look at the Sansui split ac price along with specifications.

Special Features :

Design & Capacity

This Split AC has a minimalist graph which complements modern-day equipment yet execute effectively peaceful a small-sized chamber as much it has a capacity regarding 1 ton. With a 3-Star Rating, that AC helps save about electricity bills. Active Carbon Filter This AC is outfitted including an Activated Carbon atmosphere filter up to expectation helps put off frequent odors as minion odors, cigarette smoke, then rubbish odors beyond the household air. With it filter, you and thine household perform bring out pure yet fresh air whole time long. Catechin Filter Additionally, that AC additionally comes including a Catechin filter which deactivates micro organism yet dirt particles that pass by thru it. Extracted beside green tea, this filter also helps minimize dirty odor in the room. Silver Ion Filter

This filter, with antiseptic traits, releases silver ions after kill the airborne bacteria. This blocks transmission concerning ailment and maintains your family healthy.

Blue Fin Evaporator

The heat exchanger concerning that AC has anti-rust aluminum Blue Fins who protect that beyond corrosion. This helps decorate its durability or efficiency, thereby increasing strength savings. The blue-colored hydrophilic aluminum defeat within the indoor soloist remains unrestricted beside lotos contaminants, bettering the efficiency regarding the heat exchanger.

Auto Clean

Residual lotus gets accrued about the warmth exchanger which emits base odors now turned regarding below long durations as such acts as a breeding floor because of germs. The Auto Clean feature continues the blower propeller going for walks because ten minutes too after the soloist is switched away as gets rid of condensed lotus on the Evaporator.

Auto Restart

This AC restarts automatically together with the preceding settings, saved between a special vapour so much memorizes settings kind of engage temperature, winnow speed, etc.

Adjustable Louvers

You may accept the louvers, of somebody six pre-defined levels, in conformity with distribute wind into a constant angle or hang in someone preferred angles.


Perfect for use in the course of humid-but-cool days, the dehumidification characteristic provides cosy vapor level, besides reducing the panel temperature.

Sleep mode

In that mode, the AC increases the apartment dead heat automatically by means of 1 deg C every bell for the forward couple hours consequently thou perform sleep peacefully through the night.


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