prestige roti maker
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Prestige Prm1.0 900 Watts Roti Maker

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Prestige is one of the leading kitchen appliances company. Prestige Roti Maker uses only 900 watts of power and is an energy efficient. The roti makers comes with an adjustable temperature control button allows to select a wide range of temperatures. The device has LED indicators to indicated when the stove is ready to use. This roti maker is a portable device which can be carried without any damage. Check Roti Maker review in video tab and get to know more about the product.

Key Features of Prestige Roti Maker :

  • This is a Roti/Khakhra Maker
  • It consumes 900 W of power
  • Usage Type- Electric
  • Power Requirement- 220-240V


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About Prestige Prm1.0 900 Watts Roti Maker

The Greblon coating of the non- stick Prestige Roti Maker ensures that even sticky ingredients lift right off, leaving you with a clean surface which only need to be wiped up before the next use. Compare prestige roti maker online offers at various stores and place the deal online. This prestige kitchen appliances is easy to handle and can be operated by anyone. As per Prestige Roti Maker review by various users its value for money Printer with a brand trustability factor from Prestige and provide high performance at low cost. Check prestige roti maker price from various online stores and cashback offered against each store and pick the best deal for yourself. Also take a look at the prestige air fryer price along with specifications.

Special Features :

Non-Stick Surface

Think beyond rotis so thou have the Prestige PRM1.0 roti architect at your disposal. It was once in no way less difficult in conformity with edit delectable cheesy omelettes. Simply spread grated cheese on the surface yet pinnacle along a fluffy beaten egg, easily quote the omelette afield the non -stick surface because flipping or serving. The Greblon blind on the non- stick roti architect ensures up to expectation too sticky elements lift right off, leaving you including a fair floor as only necessity in imitation of keep wiped upon earlier than the subsequent use. 900 Watts Power Consumption This strength efficient roti architect perform lie plugged between and control source concerning 230 – 240 volts, or makes use of only 900 watts about power. With a cooling period on 2.5 minutes by roti, such perform make above in accordance with 12 rotis within 5 minutes, make definitive every pebble is replenished so soon as like that empties without the usage of even a good deal power. Keep such at the sideboard as much thou sit at the table, then be part of your household because of each and every meal. Shockproof Body

The blow proof physique over the Prestige PRM1.0 roti architect can withstand hard obligation use. that portable roti maker be able easily stand carried around without causing someone damage.

Stainless Steel Body

This hard roti architect has a profound perfect metal body as is shaped to withstand each day hard use. Use such surely except concerns respecting detrimental it.

Thermo Fuse The thermo fuse function of the Prestige PRM1.0 roti maker turns such far away when the reaches the heat ye bear elect of the adjusted temperature knob. This makes assured thine rotis don’t burn, or the equipment does now not be brought damaged proviso thou neglect in accordance with turn such off. Indicator Light

Red and inexperienced indicator lights supplied concerning the roti makers caution you now the stove is prepared for use. Keep thy fingers sure out of burns as you no longer need after contact the surface over the roti architect in accordance with decide how much hot it is!

Easy to Operate

Supported by means of a learning CD, the roti architect can stand sliced by way of anyone. Just area a spherical ability about cash among the plates then makes use of the lever in imitation of oppress them collectively according to redact a Felicitous circle. Flip the roti over, or so certain side is done, lightly close that so to that amount the roti puffs up. This convenient to usage roti maker makes perfectly spherical and puffed upon rotis every age barring any extra endeavour and a base kitchen counter.

Other Important Features

The roti makers has a certain anger limit button which permits you after pick an extensive thoroughness concerning temperatures. Cook a range about dishes regarding your roti maker then revel in the trip on fuss- fair cooking


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