portronics por 546 velocity 10400 mAh power bank
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Portronics POR 546 Velocity 10400 mAh Power Bank

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Portronics offers power banks, bluetooth speakers for mobile phones, tablets and laptops in India. Portronics POR 546 Velocity 10400 mAh Power Bank can be used to charge any phone that comes with a micro USB connectivity.

Key Features of Portronics POR 546 Velocity 10400 mAh Power Bank :

  • This Model-Velocity power bank comes with Li-ion battery (Original Samsung Cells)
  • Comes with a formidable 10400 mAh capacity.
  • It has Dual USB port
  • Output 1gives you 1.0A and Output 2 gives you 2.1A configuration
  • The power bank makes is compatible for charging requirements of almost all kinds of devices
  • Allows to charge two mobiles at same time
  • You have two output Velocity
  • One output gives you DC 5.0V-1A and second output gives you DC 5.0V-2.1A
  • Check the connected device charging display during charging process
  • Size-80 X 97 x 27 mm
  • Power source-DC 5V
  • It weights 268g
  • It also comes with a Led Indicator
  • Charging temperature – 0 -450C
  • Highly Compatible
  • It is Light in Weight


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About Portronics POR 546 Velocity 10400 mAh Power Bank

Get portronics charger that is compatible with all mobiles at low price. Portronics POR 546 is equipped with a Dual USB port, each of the ports gives an Output of 1.0A and 2.1A respectively. Portronics POR 546 Velocity 10400 mAh Power Bank has a battery capacity of 10,400 mAh that lets you use it for days without having to worry about the battery dying out. Check Portronics POR 546 Velocity price from various online stores and cashback offered against each store and pick the best deal for yourself. Also take a look at the portronics power bank 13000mAH  specifications and price.

Special Features :


We Live into an "always-on" WIFI then 3G/4G over your Smartphones, Tablets and generally makes use of over mean USB chargeable devices. We kind of to hear in conformity with music, watch video clips, and part social media updates. Even the superior inbuilt batteries into these devices can't help significant day-long usage. Due to this, that is distinctly frequent because according to usually appear for charging ports.

The modern day solution Portronics to this trouble has seemed within the form over Velocity government bank. When charged after its capacity be able act namely an at all sizeable supply about power for your gadgets. It is exquisite refined, extraordinarily sure then handy in accordance with raise within your pocket or purse construction you definitely cellular without a worry! Velocity is longevity BIS licensed – a remaining impress of safety!


Now you can value couple mobiles at same time.You bear two outputs, One output gives you DC 5.0V-1A or 2d output gives you DC 5.0V- 2.1A. During the Charging process, be keen on check the related machine charging display.


Velocity comes with a formidable 10,400 mAh capacity & compatible with all 5V devices. It is and on hand then comfy that thou desire forget about these old style cumbersome monitoring banks to that amount cause greater hassle than benefit whilst over travel. This master-blaster gadget is therefore tiny because of its capability up to expectation you be able maintain such among the pocket barring some discomfort.


Velocity Power Bank automatically adjusts its output stage primarily based over the linked device. It is compatible including smartphones and drugs out of Apple, Samsung, HTC, Google and BlackBerry, as properly as like a variety about digital cameras or handheld gaming devices. Velocity comes including LED indicator. It's Intuitive & effortless in imitation of read.

Velocity comes in a pleasing tin pacakging.

Bring Home Freedom out of Low or Dead batteries for someone smart device!!


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