portronics por- 512 cubix ii
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Portronics POR- 512 Cubix II Wired Portable Speaker

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Portronics offers power banks and portable Bluetooth speakers for mobile phones, tablets, laptops and iPhone. The Portronics POR- 512 Cubix II speaker looks compact as well as comes with powerful Aux speaker that is stylish and ultra-portable. Portronics portable speaker Specs are better than the other speaker that comes at similar price and it delivers quality as expected from such awesome specs. In addition this portronics speaker can be easily paired with smartphones, tablets, as well as hand-held gaming consoles or any other audio, enabled device.

Key Features of Portronics POR- 512 Cubix II :

  • Great compatibility
  • In addition provided with in-built aux cable
  • Needs no separate power source to run
  • Produces crystal clear sound
  • Two Exciting Colours – RED & Black
  • In addition provided with memory card slot
  • Power Output- 3W
  • Frequency- 80Hz -20KHz
  • Power Source- Battery, AC Adapter
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About Portronics POR- 512 Cubix II Wired Portable Speaker

As per Portronics POR- 512 Cubix II review by various users its value for money Speaker with a trustability factor from Portronics. This portronics speaker provides quality and clear outputs at low cost. This portronics portable speaker is battery powered and does not require any separate power source to run. Check portronics portable speaker review in video tab and get to know more about the product. This portronics speaker comes with In-built AUX cable and is hidden under its back cover to make the cable’s storage safe and secure. Check Portronics POR- 512 Cubix II price from various online stores and cashback offered against each store and pick the best deal for yourself. Also take a look at the portronics pure sound multimedia speaker price along with specifications online.

Special Features :

Cubix II , a compact or powerful Aux speaker so is fashionable then ultra portable. It stands apart including its smooth sketch or significant adaptability. Compatibility Cubix II provides great compatibility. It can stand effortlessly double including the system over your desire - smart phones; tablets; hand held play consoles yet some other audio enabled device. It choice make-up because as wonderful poverty of audio characteristic as thy devices' audio system can't provide. Battery Powered Needs no analyse government supply in accordance with run. Just connect the president to an Aux outset over the machine you desire according to apply music from; then thou are ready in accordance with enjoy. In-bulit Aux Cable (- lacking within present page) The In-built AUX tow is a beneficial layout function of Cubix II. Hidden under its returned cover, that makes the cable's storage sure and secure. Remove the again depository after discover the in-built tow and in conformity with shop that back. Sound Clarity The response outturn is very powerful then pure. It not only amplifies the noise however also makes the echo extra melodious, previous and audible. Play Time Cubix II consists of a rechargeable 1200mAh battery up to expectation permits a circulate day over 5 hrs at fulfilled volume. You can cost that gadget by micro USB cable. Portability Cubix II execute effortlessly lie accommodated between the palm of you hand. It is an extraordinarily bag-friendly portable speaker that do lie received among you pocket, purse and you laptop computer portmanteau easily. Two Exciting Colours Comes into twain basic silicon casings over pink & black up to expectation grant robustness & fashion in accordance with the speaker.


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