Pigeon Rapido Cute Induction Cooktop
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Pigeon Rapido Cute Induction Cooktop

Pigeon Rapido Cute Induction Cooktop Energy and economy go hand in hand when you use this ergonomically designed cooktop in your kitchen – Pigeon Rapido Cute Induction Cooktop. True to its name, it is a rapid cooking solution for various menus and gives you many options related to heat and temperature settings. Snapdeal pricing brings it into an economic zone. Loaded with all regular features like push buttons and LED display, this product can add new ease into your cooking expeditions.

Key Features of Pigeon Rapido Cute Induction Cooktop :

  • Brand: Pigeon
  • Type: Induction Cooktop
  • 1800 Watts Power Consumption
  • Auto Shut-off
  • 4 Digit Display with Button Control
  • 8 Power Levels
  • Cool Touch
  • Aerodynamic Cooling System
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Energy Saving
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About Pigeon Rapido Cute Induction Cooktop

Pigeon Rapido Cute Induction Cooktop that is a portable, compact and efficient kitchen appliance. This pigeon induction stove can be controlled and this device comes with a push button and LED display that gives you a clear view. This handy black colored kitchen appliance features the latest technology to make cooking simple for you. Built with a modern design in a very compact and stylish form, this induction cooktop is ideal for homemakers. It has the power input of 220 to 240V, power consumption of 1800W and frequency of 50 to 60Hz. Check pigeon-rapido-aspira-hybrid-induction-cooktop specifications and price.

Special Features of Pigeon Rapido Cute Induction Cooktop:

Easy to Clean Pigeon Rapido induction cooktop has a full glass body material. This cloth is effortless to easy be itchallenging stains as well. It has an greater design in order to protect moisture from the electricalphase of this cooktop. Power Consumption Pigeon Rapido induction cooktop consumes 1800 watts of energy for gold standard heating and cooking operation. It is an induction with auto shut off button. This button once in a while act as anbest device for strength saving and cuts down the electricity bills considerably. You want a energysource in the voltage vary of 220-240 V to plug it in. Compatible Utensils It is an effortless to use induction cooktop when we speak about the compatible utensils. Most of your normal utensils have this affinity with this heating surface. It potential you do not need to overhaul your kitchen shelf all over once more with new utensils.    


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