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Philips Slimray 30-LED Rechargeable Battery

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Philips focuses in the areas of electronics, healthcare etc. The Philips rechargeable batteries is a Long Life Lithium Ion Battery. Philips Consumes only 2 W of power. Avail Philips aa battery until the stock lasts at various e-commerce sites.

Key Features of Philips rechargeable batteries:

  • Provides a Long-life lithium ion battery
  • Provides a Bright light with 160 lumens
  • Brightness can be adjusted with High power for 4 hours and  low power for 9 hours
  • Requires Charging time up to 7 hours
  •  It is a Slim construction which allows easy mounting at home
  • Provided with Tug switch for easy operation
  • Warranty period up to 1 Year
  • Requires Power up to 2 watts
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About Philips Slimray 30-LED Rechargeable Battery

Philips aa battery price is the best you can afford with Long Life Lithium Ion Battery. Philips rechargeable Batteries Consumes 2 W. The Phillips led bulb price is very low and you can get it from various online stores. Philips aa battery has Slim construction which allows easy mounting at home. Also check Philips ojas emergency light specifications and price.

Special Features:

Reliable light source Philips LED technological know-how ensures protected and long-lasting light source. Large illumination area Wide beam and plated reflector make sure larger illumination area. Flexible and portable Slim construction allows effortless mounting at home. Tug Switch furnished for handy operation. Easy to experience Slide button for Off, High and Low mode. Adjustable brightness to extend backup time. Shelf Life lighting products operate on batteries. Different kinds of batteries (Lead-acid, Ni-Mh, Li-Ion) are used, relying on the price-performance needs.


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