intex speakers 5.1
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Intex IT-301 N FMU Portable Bluetooth Home Audio Speaker

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Intex Technologies is an Indian company which sells smartphone and IT Accessories. Intex speakers 5.1 speaker system is a powerful music system for your home. This speaker produces loud and crystal clear sound.

Key Features of Intex speakers 5.1 :

  • It has output power of 60W
  • Impendence- 4 ohms
  • Frequency response ranges from 20Hz to 20kHz
  • FM frequency receiver- 88MHz to 108MHz
  • It comes with 4.1 Speakers
  • AUX audio input compatible with DVD/PC/LCD TV
  • Powerful music system for your home entertainment requirements
  • The multifunctional control panel gives you access to volume and bass levels
  • It is provided with 1 Year Warranty from the date of purchase.


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About Intex IT-301 N FMU Portable Bluetooth Home Audio Speaker

Intex speakers 5.1 system has a matte finish on the sides while the front portion of the system has a glossy finish. Intex 5.1 speakers have AUX port and the USB port. These ports which are present in these home theater Intex will help you connect this system to any media player. Intex it 301 sub-woofer can be fixed anywhere around the TV to give you the maximum effect. Also take a look at the intex it 1666 multimedia speaker price along with specifications.

Special Features :

Imposing Surround Sound Experience

The Intex 301 FMU multimedia speaker gadget is an effective track device for your home leisure requirements. It elements an effective industrial diagram that is certain to capture attention from all around. Its compact dimension and portable diagram lets you effortlessly location these audio system somewhere in your house. These Intex multimedia speakers characteristic four satellite speakers and one powerful subwoofer. The audio system are angled in an upward fashion and positioned on a stand for better sound output. A multifunctional manage panel offers you get right of entry to quantity and bass levels. Crisp and Sharp Audio Output The Intex computer multimedia audio system produces loud and crystal clear sound. Feel the track pulsate from each and every corner of your room with the loud, booming sound echoing thru these computer multimedia speakers. Their powerful subwoofer enhances even the slightest sounds to give you songs that are extra melodious and pleasing to the ear. The subwoofer produces bass tiers that are rich and deep to give you a larger than lifestyles music experience. For most effective overall performance and high fine sounds, these audio system endure a total strength output of 60W. RCA Connectivity with Bass and Treble Controls Watch DVDs, CDs and VCDs of your favorite movies and movies with the aid of connecting a DVD player to this Intex laptop speaker via its RCA input cable. You can additionally join laptops, PCs and track gamers to this pc multimedia speaker gadget and enjoy continuous playback of your music playlists. Its LED show informs you of the time, date and music information. You can control the track playback and extent stage with its entirely functional remote manipulate as well. Additionally, you can control the bass and treble levels of your favored songs.


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