intex 2.1 speakers
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Intex IT-2202 Multimedia Speakers

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Intex Technologies is an Indian company which sells smartphone and IT Accessories. The Intex 2.1 speakers system is a powerful music system for your home. This speaker produces loud and crystal clear sound. Intex speakers 2.1 system offers total convenience with USB support. Intex multimedia speakers without a doubt offer a rewarding listening experience.

Key Features of Intex 2.1 speakers :

  • 2.1 channel multimedia peaker with USB, FM, audio-in and TF
  • It has a Aux audio input which is compatible with DVD, LCD TVs and PC 
  • It is a Fully functioned remote control
  • Digital FM playability
  • Provided with LED display
  • It has a maximum power Output of 44W
  • Impedance – 4 ohms
  • RCA jack
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About Intex IT-2202 Multimedia Speakers

Intex 2.1 speakers system has a matte finish on the sides while the front portion of the system has a glossy finish. Intex speakers 2.1 has AUX port and the USB port. These ports which is present in these Intex 2.1 speakers will help you connect this system to any media player. Intex multimedia speakers can be fixed anywhere around the TV to give you the maximum effect. Check intex duo 313 specifications online.

Special Features :

The Intex IT-2202 SUF OS 2.1 Speaker system is certain to supply excellent sound fine at excessive volumes. This 2.1 Channel multimedia speaker system presents total comfort with USB support. You can use the built-in FM radio for listening to your neighborhood radio channels. This sound device comes with a totally purposeful remote that lets you control a variety of settings from the comfort of your chair.


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