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Inalsa Easy Chop 250-Watt Mini Chopper

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Inalsa manufactures Home Kitchen Appliances, Food processors, Coffee Makers, OTG, Microwave, Juicer Mixer Grinder and many more. Inalsa Chopper can definitely be a valuable addition to any kitchen cabinet. This Inalsa Easy Chop comes with a stainless steel blade and whisking disk to chop and slice fruits and vegetables.

Key Features of Inalsa Chopper :

  • The start button is at top for operating the Mini Chopper
  • Provided with unbreakable polycarbonate processing bowl
  • Has 3 minutes continuous motor rating
  • Comes with High-quality stainless steel chopper blade, Whisker blade
  • In addition it is a user-friendly machine for chopping and mixing
  • Operating Voltage- 220-240 volts
  • Power- 250 watts
  • Provided with 2 years warranty on product
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About Inalsa Easy Chop 250-Watt Mini Chopper

The exterior of Inalsa Chopper can be easily cleaned and wiped with a cloth and can be given new look. Inalsa Easy Chop with stainless steel blades is an easy-to-use chopper with its multiple speed options. Check Inalsa Chopper price from various online stores and cashback offered against each store and pick the best deal for yourself.

Special Features :

Innovative Design

You execute nowadays depend over the Inalsa Easy Chop Mini Chopper because nearly regarding you slicing needs. Although little between size, it has dense functions so perform such ideal because usage into an Indian kitchen. For starters, it makes use of a 500ml processing bowl, as suits almost uncooked meals into. Also, the compact and fashionable graph regarding the Inalsa Mini Chopper makes that standout, including according to thine kitchen decor. You can also keep such among certain concerning you kitchen almirahs, making that a stunning but reliable system to hold of the house. Chopping Power The Inalsa Easy Chop 250 Watt Mini Chopper would possibly stand small, however fulfil no mistake, it packs a robust punch now such comes after chopping. To assign you the excellent monitoring you require to reach through a variety about foods, it makes use of a sizeable 250W machine to that amount gives it the raw power that needs. Moreover, the Inalsa Mini Chopper Easy Chop accommodates an incredible stainless metal tablet so does not pale and stays acid because a long time, make assured ye bear a dependable chopper whenever you want in imitation of use it.


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