hyundai split ac
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Hyundai HSP53.GO1-QGE Split AC (1.5 Ton, 3 Star Rating)

Hyundai Split AC is stylish and efficient that it is the best choice for your home. This AC is sure to provide cooling in every nook and corner of your house. The A.C is equipped with a wide range of intelligent features that ensures a hassle free operation.

Key Features of Hyundai Split AC :

  • The A.C has a 1.5-ton capacity
  • The Energy Rating: 3 Star
  • It has a 1 plus 4 years compressor warranty
  • A 4-way air deflection, auto swing, auto restart, de-humidification, turbo cool, antibacterial and active carbon filters
  • It includes a sleep mode, louver step adjust, night glow button on remote
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About Hyundai HSP53.GO1-QGE Split AC (1.5 Ton, 3 Star Rating)

The Hyundai HSP53.GO1-QGE Split AC is the best choice for your home. Hyundai AC 1.5 ton provides cooling in every nook and corner of your house. The Hyundai Split AC is equipped with a wide range of intelligent features that ensures a hassle free operation. Check Hyundai air conditioner prices from various online stores and place the best deal. Also check hitachi 1. 2 ton split ac specification and prce.

Special Features of Hyundai HSP53.GO1-QGE Split AC :

ANTI-BACTERIA Advanced safety filter traps bacteria in the air and kills it, ensuring safe and wholesome air for you. Any and each and every sort of bacteria and allergens are hazardous to fitness and can cause major discomfort. Anti-bacteria characteristic lets in you to breathe protected air that will only enlarge your comfort. The filter can be modified or cleaned when too an awful lot bacteria has amassed in it. ACTIVE CARBON FILTERS Activated carbon filters cleanse the air and free it from dust, bacteria and all different harmful particles. The filter are actively working at some point of to kill bacteria before it passes thru which reasons any germ growth. Dust particles are trapped earlier than they reach the air in your room. This technology ensures clean and healthy air for you and your family. 4 WAY AIR DEFLECTION Room cools evenly with four-way deflectors. The deflectors are positioned both vertically and horizontally so the air can reach each and every inch of your room. Vertical deflectors spread the air in both, left, right and centre of the room, while the horizontal deflectors cool the upper, middle and lower space of the room. This characteristic provides the relief of enjoying anywhere in the room without worry. AUTO SWING With the auto swing option, the AC strikes with you anyplace you pass in the room. The vertical and horizontal louvers swing up and down, as properly as sideways, to provide you cool air in the whole area. All you have to do is swap on the auto swing mode, and lay again to experience the perks of our foremost technology. AUTO RESTART This feature permits you to set the timer to switch your air conditioner on or off when you are sleeping. You can revel in a peaceable and undisturbed sleep. When the room gets too cold, it will switch itself off, and restart once more when the temperature is under what you desire. DE-HUMIDIFICATION Provides proper cooling during monsoon season through preventing over cooling, and preserving a test on the water vapour content in your room. Humidity is awful for each skin and comfort, and dehumidification feature fights in opposition to it. By stopping over cooling, the computer saves up a lot of energy as well. TURBO COOL Turbo Cool feature ensures a quick change in room temperature.The increase technology helps you cooling down your body, when you enter the room from a hot and humid climate. SLEEP MODE Sleep mode permits the air conditioner’s extremely modern-day micro processor to sync the room temperature with your physique metabolism charge while you're sleeping. The method continues automatically once you've got switched on the "sleep mode". LOUVER STEP ADJUST The louvers can be effortlessly adjusted to exchange the path of air as desired. A simple step by step manner using the air conditioner far away will assist you select the path of your preference and experience cool air anywhere you are. This feature is constructed for better convenience and alleviation of the user. NIGHT GLOW BUTTON Night glow button helps you discover your far off at night, so you don't time out over anything in the dark. It will assist you change the temperature at any time at night, with utmost convenience. The faraway display screen stays switched on so you can change temperature, change the AC on/off, besides any trouble. UNIFORM AIR DISTRIBUTION For most alleviation in the occupied house and most excellent use of energy, without wastage, uniform air distribution is necessary. It makes use of the right quantity of air required to completely change the air in the room and give you a clean and healthy atmosphere.
No sort of mold and bacteria can breed in your AC when it is included by the auto smooth feature. Auto cleaning facilitates the drying of the wet warmness exchanger by means of keeping the indoor unit fan switched on for 2 minutes . This helps in retaining the air clean and free of dangerous particles and bacteria.


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