hp v210w 16gb
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HP V210W 16GB USB Pen Drive

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Hewlett-Packard Company provides a wide variety of hardware components as well as software. The hp v210w 16gb can be easily connected to a computer or laptop. This pen drive does not require the driver installation procedure and is a plug and play device. In addition the hp v210w pen drive allows to store and transfer large amount of PDF files, songs, high-quality videos as well as other necessary data. Check hp v210w review in video tab as well as to know more about the product.

Key Features of hp v210w 16gb :

  • Compact capless design
  • Durable metal finish
  • Creative HP logo charm
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About HP V210W 16GB USB Pen Drive

Get hp laptops India and pendrives at low cost and discounts online. The hp v210w 16gb allows you to store and transfer up to 3200 songs in mp3 format. As per hp v210w review by various users its value for money Pendrive with a brand trustability factor from HP and provide good performance at low cost. The pen drive has writing speed of 8 MB/s and a read speed of 18 MB/s and this hp v210w 16gb speed ensures fast data transfer. Also take a look at the hp v210w 16gb price along with specifications.

Special Features :

16 GB HP USB Pen Drive 

The HP V210W is a powerful sixteen GB USB book power to that amount comes in a short and succinct shell. It is capable regarding storing on after 16 GB about digital files. The USB pen force is well suited with laptops, computer systems and tablets. The pen drive is absolutely compact of volume or has a metal end in accordance with it. It is light in weight yet do effortlessly be conducted round among you backpack or laptop bag. You may carry around the book drive with you at all times then hold get entry to in conformity with your photographs, files, movies regarding the go. The enter power comes together with a two-year constrained guarantee up to expectation protects you pen force towards unintentional damages. You can also behalf the assurance beyond someone over the several work centres over HP spread across primary cities.

Metallic Design 

The USB Pen Drive comes within a succinct metallic diagram so is pleasing over the eyes. The book power additionally has a returned clip up to expectation can assist you attach that in imitation of thine blouse pockets or pants. This is as continues the gadget without problems locatable or convenient according to maintain a track of. You execute uses the enter pressure to switch movies, documents, music, photos, videos or every vile multimedia types. The USB is handy in imitation of utilises then keep.

High-Performance USB Pen Drive 

The device no longer solely has a high exorcism plan but is also capable concerning handing over quickly facts transfer. It purposes effectively in a fire spread concerning zero depress according to 60 degree Celsius. The machine is extraordinarily lightweight weighing solely 6.2 grams. The pen pressure may furnish you a minimal writing speed on 8 MB/s yet a read velocity regarding 18 MB/s. The enter drive is like minded including every the essential laptop operating systems such as Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows 7, Windows eight yet Windows 10. It is too well matched along MacOS.

The enter pressure has been wrought in accordance with final you because a lengthy period yet affords more advantageous arrest in accordance with water then shock. With quicker study and compose speeds, it will become much less difficult in imitation of switch necessary documents then files in imitation of and beyond the pen drive. Stylish Metal Design HP V210W 16GB USB flash force is an closing accent because a cellular PC user. Its wondrous metallic look, succinct size, again clip and excessive overall performance are half on the applications to that amount make it ideal in conformity with keep used by means of students, office workers then too regarding the move salesmen. The back clip makes it convenient in conformity with keep partial regarding a shirt, briefcase and too a bag. Its close dimension also perform such younger ample after lie slipped in a pocket yet even a backpack. This HP 16GB USB Flash Drive provides you a handy yet stylish access according to portion or put thine documents, music, photos, videos, presentations or more within some reachable place. Designed to Deliver High Performance Apart beside its tremendously elegant then stopping metallic design, it 16GB USB coruscation force beyond HP is surprisingly famous for its excessive statistics transfer rates. HP 16GB USB pressure is guaranteed in accordance with provide a minimum concerning 8 MB/s composition and 18 MB/s studying speed, who is quite high. The book power is also well matched including Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 yet Mac OS-10.3 yet above. Besides, it pen drive out of HP is lotos and shock strong or comes together with a 2-year constrained assurance from the persimmon on purchase.


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