honor powerbank 13000 mah
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Honor Powerbank 13000 mAh

Huawei is one of the leading global information and communications technology. Honor Powerbank 13000 mah houses 2 USB ports for power out and 1 micro USB port for power in. In addition the power bank comes with 13000 mAh capacity keeps your phone up and running throughout the day. Check honor power bank 13000mah price from various online stores as well as cashback offered against each store and pick the best deal for yourself.

Key Features of Honor Powerbank 13000 mah :

  • The power bank comes witha  large 13000 mAh capacity which lets you charge your iPhone 6 up to four times
  • It is fully compatible with most mainstream smartphone and tablet brands.
  • With a high output of 5V 2A this power bank has two USB ports to charge your smartphone as well as tablet
  • The power bank comes with intelligent control chip and professional circuit design provide multiple security protection for this device
  • The intelligent design os the power bank allocates power according to the loading capacity to ensure their safety
  • The one-piece bracket design assures the safety of the electric circuit and batteries, making this a safe and reliable power bank
  • You can recharge your power bank’s dying battery while it charges your smartphone
  • The power bank is well protected from input reversals, high temperatures, short circuits and input over-voltage
  • In addition it is protected from output over-voltage, over discharge, ESD, reset and electromagnetic fields.
  • Power bank ensures that your power bank always stays fully charged
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About Honor Powerbank 13000 mAh

Get yourself a power bank along with your Huawei latest mobile at low price. Honor Powerbank 13000 mah lets you charge your iPhone 6 up to four times. This honor power bank 13000mah design assures the safety of the electric circuit and batteries and makes this a safe and reliable power bank. Compare honor power bank 13000mah price and reviews at various online sites and place the deal. Also take a look at the ambrane p-1310 13000mah specifications along price.

Special Features :

Large Capacity

This Honor government financial institution has a great 13000 mAh ability as lets thou virtue thy iPhone 6 up in conformity with four times. This charging machine is absolutely well suited including near mainstream smartphone and tablet brands.

Dual USB Port

With a high output of 5V 2A, it accent has pair USB ports, hence you execute price your smartphone then tablet at the identical time. The clever diagram allocates power according according to the loading capability about every gadget existence charged according to ensure their safety.

High-Quality Circuitry

The wise government vapour and expert circuit graph furnish a couple of protection protection because of that device. The one-piece bracket design assures the safety of the electric powered circuit then batteries, working it a safe and dependable control bank.


The Honor AP007 control bank flaunts an aluminium unibody construction. It is preventive in conformity with dust, may stand up to light splashes on water then is sure beside sweat corrosion. The circular arc side gives a profound oppress then makes that comfortable to keep the device.


This Honor rule financial institution is nicely Immune out of excessive temperatures, quick circuits, enter reversals and input over-voltage, outturn over-voltage, upstairs discharge, ESD, reset and electromagnetic fields.


Now you execute recharge your government bank's loss of life battery while it fees thine smartphone. This ensures as you monitoring financial institution continually stays wholly charged.


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