hindware snowcrest cooler
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Hindware Snowcrest 19 HO Personal Air cooler

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Hindware is one of India’s best companies in the field of appliances, healthy kitchens as well as water heater products. Hindware snowcrest cooler comes with compact design. The three speed setting of Hindware Air cooler allows to adjust the speed of the air as per your convenience. In addition the Honeycomb cooling media of the Hindware Air cooler helps to generate a gust of cool wind as well as to disperse it evenly. Check hindware cooler price from various online stores and pick the best deal for yourself.

Key Features of hindware snowcrest cooler :

  • 19 Litres Tank
  • Power Consumption – Cooling: 165 W
  • Provided with 3 speed settings
  • Type- Personal
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About Hindware Snowcrest 19 HO Personal Air cooler

As per hindware snowcrest cooler review by various users its value for money cooler with a brand trustability factor from Hindware and provide good performance at low cost. The louver movement of hindware cooler ensures that cool air is distributed uniformly in every nook and corner of the room. Hindware snowcrest cooler Specs are better than the other coolers that comes at similar price and it delivers quality as expected from such awesome specs. The Hindware snowcrest cooler has a powerful air throw capacity. Check Hindware Air cooler Specs in the specification tab to know complete specs. Also take a look at the maharaja whiteline air cooler price along with specifications.

Special Features :

Cooling Capacity

Before shopping for air coolers that is extremely necessary after hold a clean notion concerning their cooling capacity. The flatulence delivery over the Hindware Snowcrest 19 HO 19 litre Air Cooler is rated at 1250 frequent meter care of hour. This helps such according to grow a profound calm flatulence within no time. Speed Control Thanks according to the three speed settings regarding the Hindware Snowcrest 19 HO 19 litre Air Cooler, you may alter the velocity concerning the air namely care of you convenience. Cooling Media The Honeycomb cooling media over the Hindware Snowcrest 19 HO 19 litre Air Cooler helps according to generate a gust over calm wind yet give that evenly. Louver Movement The motorized vertical louver rate regarding it ac cooler in addition adds according to the component of usefulness. It ensures to that amount clear mania is allotted without differentiation within every nook yet corner about the room. Powerful Air Throw One on the necessary factors concerning this mania cooler is so much that has a husky flatulence throwing capacity. It has an air throwing scale regarding 7.62 m, who makes that an ideal pick out because of little and medium-sized rooms. Other Important Features Packed together with purposes in conformity with impress, it breeze cooler is a must among every household. Its physique is done over premium multiplication ABS material, who helps that in conformity with last for a lengthy time. It comes including the 4-way flatulence deflection feature. Thus, you may revel in a calm breeze, neuter regarding who nook over a car thou are in. Its limit ruin rating tiers in 220 V yet 240 V. As it energy-efficient, you choice now not have in imitation of case oversea an large volume upon monthly bad concerning electricity at the give up of every month. As that comes including wheels, shifting that out of some room in conformity with any other is no longer a hassle either.  


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