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F&D T-400X Tower Speaker

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Fenda Audio is one of the best speakers in India. F&D T400X speaker provides a surround sound effect and is especially great while watching movies as well as listening to songs. The F&D Tower speakers comes with slim satellite design that is highly attractive as well as sure to suit your flat TV panel. Compare F&D T400X price at various online stores and place the best deal.

Key Features of F&D T400X :

  • This speaker is a Karaoke function enjoying home entertainment
  • In addition the speaker comes with bright LED display
  • Comes with dual microphone inputs
  • In addition comes with wide view angle
  • Compatible with iPhone, iPod as well as USB/SD card
  • In addition it supports MP3, PC, TV, DVD, FM, CD and all multimedia stuff
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About F&D T-400X Tower Speaker

As per F&D T400X review by various users its value for money Speaker with a brand trustability factor from F&D and provide quality outputs at low cost. F&D T400X Specs are better than the other Speakers that comes at similar price and it delivers quality as expected from such awesome specs. In addition the pure wood cabinet of the F&D T400X produces low distortion and strong bass. Check F&D Tower speakers Specs in the specification tab to know complete specs. The f&d speakers has a Bluetooth Version 4.0 to serve you with better options of playback. Check F&D T400X price at various sites and place the deal. Also take a look at the fd w12 speaker price along with specifications.

Special Features :


The sophisticated graph or the fine wooden cabinet intention add glamour in accordance with you home decor. It is a concept so much wooden cabinet affords higher sound quality. Thus, F&D decidedly flourished the floor stable speakers with the inclusion on wood. Also, wood finish gives a nailing look after the average design. The wishy-washy source of trouble graph about the speakers is exceptionally eye-catching yet is certain to suit thine level Television panel. Also, appropriate in imitation of its sensible shape such intention fit among someone succinct space. It does no longer appropriate also a great deal over space. The facts display panel is well designed together with a clean LED display. This panel has the feature over large viewing angle. So, so much you can hour and read the records really beside all the angles barring the deprivation concerning colour. Sound If you like powerful music, thou are current in conformity with love the F&D speakers. These speakers supply crystal clear sound. Experience and experience each and every kill on the music. Do now not leave out abroad the thumping guts bass audio effect which is secure to assign you an surprising ride over observing your exhibit then tune video. It is basically a Bluetooth enabled device, who targets at attendance you better including a pleasant 4 version then aiding NFC function. It is powered by using Cambridge Silicon Radio, as is regularly recognised as like CSR together with a Bluetooth v4.0 power. Play your saved content with the choice on plug & move into F&D T-400X. You definitely want in conformity with tap your USB/ SD card teacher and play the same for limitless exciting and entertainment. The card reciter supports the MP3/WMA dual codecs decoding because of an uninterrupted enjoyment. The digital PLL technology presents uninterrupted FM experience because the listener. It offers smooth audio including no useless noise. The abilities over abject that smart governor provision at home is so it can retailer up after a most about a hundred FM stations. bask hearing after lamely song with the wonderful F&D speakers. Sing along together with thine preferred singer including the karaoke function. bask hours concerning enjoyable and leisure while audition yet singing along your buddies then family. It has a dual microphone inputs so to that amount you can sing along including a partner. It is entire you preference agreement you need to proclaim solitary and duet. Along including this floor stable speaker, thou also be brought a perfect feature far flung controller after limit the actions. Adjust volume, play, pause, stop, Power button, source selection etc. execute keep effortlessly taken by using this far off controller. It is slim yet smart far off controller. Striking Finish With Wooden Cabinet It has been pronounced as the timber council are honest at producing higher response quality. Thus, F&D T-400X has been advanced including a wooden fundamental soloist cabinet. Not just the echo outturn but the wooden cabinet presents massive looks namely well. It portrays an super timber seem to be according to compliment thy domestic decor. Crystal Clear Sound With Thumping-heart Bass The F&D T-400X is a ground stable speaker regulation as produces exceedingly clear audio. It desire bust you on a trip with its smooth, attractive or evident noise quality. longevity Experience every emit about the music with the thumping morale bass. Slim Satellite Design The F&D T-400X principal provision has a wishy-washy moon format who is sure in imitation of praise you home decorations together with its glossy looks. It suits in very easily after any tight area. Also, that does not annex a tussock on place at thine home. Bluetooth Version 4.0 And Supporting NFC Function F&D T-400X has a Bluetooth Version four to glorify you along better options over playback. It is powered by Cambridge Silicon Radio chipset, who is regularly regarded as CSR. Also, such has an NFC function because of greater connectivity. Bright LED Display With Wide Viewing Angle F&D T-400X ground standing president has an LED display together with the function regarding huge viewing angle. The LED show is an indicator as indicates the statistics so the president is on. It has been raised with a extensive viewing attitude hence so much you do no longer testify ruin about shade if beside a unique viewing angle. Plug And Play USB/SD Card Reader Play media beside the USB then SD card reader except a hitch regarding your F&D T-400X. The ground permanent speakers be able circulate saved media beyond you USB yet SD card. It gives you unbounded entertainment. The card teacher supports MP3 or WMA dual codecs decoding in imitation of move you desired song. Digital PLL Technology For Uninterrupted FM Experience Store on after a hundred FM stations in thine F&D T-400X or ride unrestricted FM with the assist regarding digital PLL technology. Play around stations yet enjoy a night time complete regarding continuous music. Karaoke function enjoying home entertainment It does now not count number if thou are skilled singer and a bathroom singer. What matters is the exciting so much you have whilst singing. What could stand higher than singing of a mic? Play you preferred tune then announce along together with the karaoke. It is fun, enjoyment yet countless happiness. To edit such more interesting, F&D T-400X has been flourished including twin microphone inputs. This gives thou the option in imitation of sing single or including a partner. Full function remote control Powerful and Influential Remote Controller F&D T-400X Sound Base has a far off controller who is smooth & smart among looks. It does not hold anybody useless buttons apart out of the exceptional or applicable buttons such as like Power regarding yet off, Source selection, Bluetooth, Bass Level Controls (plus then minus), Play/pause, Previous & subsequent buttons.  


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