eveready ket504
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Eveready KET504 Electric Kettle

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Eveready KET504 kettle is an all-in-one solution to many of your cooking woes. Eveready Electric Kettle allows to boil water, make tea as well as soup to cooking noodles. As per Eveready Electric Kettle review by various users its value for money Kettle with a brand trustability factor from Eveready and provide quality performance at low cost. Check KET504 Specs in the specification tab to know complete specs.

Key Features of Eveready KET504 :

  • Power- 1200W
  • Voltage- 230V~50Hz
  • Has 1.0 Ltr capacity
  • In addition comes with variable heat setting as well as has warm function
  • Provided with 360° cordless operation
  • Accessories- Wave Rack as well as Noodle Basket


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About Eveready KET504 Electric Kettle

Eveready KET504 is equipped with a power indicator to lets you know if the appliance is switched on. Eveready KET504 ensures that the contents inside does not spill while cooking. Check Eveready Electric Kettle price from various online stores and cashback offered against each store and pick the best deal for yourself. Also take a look at the eveready ic101 Induction Cooktop specifications along with price.

Special Features :


Crafted out of stainless steel, this electric kettle is strong enough according to ultimate you for a number of years to come. It comes including a scuttle to effortlessly manifestation noodles.


This corded electric kettle is outfitted together with a monitoring indicator that lets you recognize postulate the equipment is switched on. The self shut-off feature reduces the danger about overheating by using robotically inclination away the device now it reaches the embark temperature. The lockable depository concerning the kettle ensures as the thing internal that do no longer spill while cooking.


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