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Soundmagic ES18 In-Ear Headphone

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SoundMagic manufactures the best Headphones, Earphones, iPhone Earphones, Wireless Headphones as well as Earphones and Android Earphones. The es18 soundmagic headphone are engineered with precision and delivers bombastic beats as well as clear vocal sounds. The headphone can be pluged with your smartphone, iPod, tablet, computer as well as mp3 players. Check soundmagic es18 review in video tab and get to know more about the product. In addition the earphone is provided with cable length of 1.2m is just right for easy handling of your audio device.

Key Features of es18 soundmagic :

  • Sensitivity- 100dB/mW at 1KHz (±2dB)
  • Frequency range- 15-22kHz
  • Transducers- Dynamic 10 millimetres neodymium driver
  • DC resistance- 16 ohm (±10%)
  • Cable length- 1.2 meters
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About Soundmagic ES18 In-Ear Headphone

The es18 soundmagic features a pair of upgraded 10mm Neodymium drivers and a carefully tuned sound chamber. As per soundmagic es18 review by various users its value for money Speaker with a brand trustability factor from Soundmagic and provide quality outputs at low cost. The soundmagic es 18 delivers excellent clarity and strong bass sound with a dynamic and refined audio signature. Check Soundmagic ES18 price from various online stores as well as cashback offered against each store and pick the best deal for yourself. Also take a look at the soundmagic pl 11 Headphone price along with specifications.

Special Features :

Refined Playback and Performance

These SoundMagic ES18 noise isolation into hearing headphones appear along neodymium drivers about 10mm after deal with thine ears along prosperous yet great music. The frequency response stages into 15Hz after 22 kHz presenting a playback about a bulky short then sparkling evident treble. These in hearing headphones intention complement your audio units yet your music. With 16ohm impedance, you do plug these after you mobile, iPods and MP3 players. Crank above the quantity over the between audition earphones including a sensitivity regarding 100dB/mW, then thou will nonetheless journey high fidelity, lively then small harmonious performance.

Soft and Comfy Earplugs

A rope spread concerning 1.2m is simply correct because of convenient coping with of thine audio machine including it earphones as you pace round carrying them. The tender then malleable audition suggestions concerning the plugs in shape snugly within your listening canal, blocking much concerning the limit maze round you. Experience a active melodious overall performance along these maze isolating earphones enjoying you favorite music. Play rock, blues, country then trance, these beautiful Soundmagic ES18 headphones wish entrust a dramatic and prosperous echo quality including even flair.

About the SoundMagic ES18

The SoundMagic ES18 makes sizeable answer affordable. Featuring upgraded 10mm Neodymium drivers then a cordially tuned sound chamber, audio performance is amount to earphones numerous instances its cost. The ES18 has luscious readability yet intense low overall performance together with a dynamic and refined answer signature. An evident choice in accordance with the bundled earbuds so occur including mobile telephones or tablets, the ES18 is a Faithful partner because transportable devices.

Solid Construction

Built with ABS housing and passionate tangle arbitrary rope along prolonged pressure remedy and a riches plated 3.5mm jack plug. Designed including longevity into thought the ES18 is manufactured after praise a engaged lifestyle. Great isolation capacity decrease quantity requirements, protecting you hearing out of the injury loud music be able cause.

Powerful Bass

SoundMagic's acoustic engineers cordially configured the drivers of the ES18 in accordance with produce thrilling answer including husky bass then compatible musical detail.

Suitable for Sport

The ES18 waved development then relaxed in shape perform it the Faithful earphone for usage between the gymnasium or about the track.

Included Accessories

- SoundMAGIC ES18 Earphones in Black

- Silicone hearing suggestions into 3 distinct sizes (S/M)


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