braun multiquick mq 520
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Braun Multiquick MQ 520 600-Watt Hand Blender

Braun offers high-quality hair removal and hair care products, dryers, straighteners, trimmers as well as other appliances. Braun Multiquick MQ 520 blender comes as a lightweight device so that you can lift it easily. In addition Braun turbo 600w hand blender provides soft grip as well as comfortable grip. Check Braun hand blender price from various online stores and cashback offered against each store and pick the best deal for yourself.


Key Features of Braun Multiquick MQ 520 :

  • Provided with 2 speed control
  • Power bell and BPA free plastic
  • Does blending, pureeing as well as mincing function
  • Knife Material- Stainless steel
  • Shaft Material- Stainless steel
  • Comes with 12500 RPM
  • Power- 600 watts
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About Braun Multiquick MQ 520 600-Watt Hand Blender

Braun Multiquick MQ 520 comes with Turbo boost mode that allows you to blend tough ingredients. Braun Multiquick MQ 520 Specs are better than the other blender that comes at similar price and it delivers quality as expected from such awesome specs.  The Braun turbo 600w hand blender works silently and thus eliminates disturbances. Check Braun hand blender price and reviews from various sites along with specifications and place the best deal. Also take a look at the braun 535 hand blender price along with specifications.

Special Features :


Ice cubes may keep without difficulty beaten using the perfect metal cool crushing knife among the chopper /blender accent (1.25 l).

Powerful 600 W Motor

Silent, compact, guaranteed reliability.

Powerbell Design for Perfect Blending Results

Ultra-hard stainless steelblades and special bell-shaped blending shaft.Anti-splash impeccable steelshaft – because a fair and clean preparation.


Meat, sturdy cheese, nuts,carrots and more are cut inside seconds.

EasyClick system

Easily detachable shaft.Compatible together with Easy-Click accessories.

Whip, Beat, Stir

Eggs, cream, fluffy desserts, effortlessly committed on ultra-low speed.

Extra-Light Weight and Soft-Grip

Extra-light weight yet Soft-grip – because of blissful use.


Chopping herbs and onions was by no means and easy then tearless.For tiny amounts regarding meals the baby chopper (350 ml) is best

One-Touch Speed Selection

One-touch velocity determination – because some passed operation then most convenience.Turbo raise – because you hardest elements then fi nest results.

French Fry Disc

Place you grain then vegetables within the MQ 70 meals processor accent including the French fry bunch endearment or he will remain cut without difficulty among French stir shapes.

Chopping, Blending & Ice-Crushing

This accessory does the job over twain – without shortly then easily cutting you digestion ingredients, that is also consummate because of blending easy shakes or drink yet also provides a easy way after impair ice.

Shredding, Slicing & Kneading

The shredder let in gives you the ideal symphony for the consequence yet greens between you dish. The cutter drive makes splendidly also slices because of salads, gratin, hors d‘oeuvres or casseroles. Even hard securities for bread, cakes, pasta or pizza is a snap – produces dough as like too and easy namely handmade.


Meats, sturdy cheeses, nuts, greens then extra are simply seconds outdoors from ready-to-use. For thine substantial jobs: chops & minces something beside meats or cheeses according to onions, herbs yet garlic, vegetables, nuts yet dried consequence has by no means been simpler – together with consequences between just seconds.



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