bosch gsb 500 re review
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Bosch GSB 500 RE Home Tool Kit Power & Hand Tool Kit

Bosch is multinational engineering and electronics company. Bosch Home Tool Kit can be used for minor repairing and plumbing tasks. Bosch gsb 500 re review is the best review which speaks how to drill a hole in wood, concrete, tile or metal.

Key Features:

  • Comes with Warranty period of 6 months from the date of invoice
  • Drilling Diameter upto 10 millimeters
  • Color of box is Blue
  • Made with Material such as MS and Plastic
  • Operating Power is 500 watts
  • Used for minor plumbing or repairing tasks and mounting photo frame or paintings


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About Bosch GSB 500 RE Home Tool Kit Power & Hand Tool Kit

Bosch gsb 500 re home tool kit comes with pack which contains 500W hammer drill, four metal drill bits, five concrete drill bits, four wood drill bits, ten screwdriver bits, a hammer, a combination pliers, a cutter, a wrench, a spirit level, a measuring tape, a utility knife, a bit holder, thirty nylon plugs and thirty screws. Bosch gsb 500 re home review gives you get rid of the hassle of calling over a carpenter every time to fix little things in your house. Check bosch appliances reviews from various online sites and place the deal.  Bosch GSB 500 re price is available at low cost only at Also check Bosch drill machine price and specifications and place the best deal.

Special Features:

Handy Tool Set for General Maintenance Repairs

Who stated device kits need to be bulky? Enjoy unheard of capability in a handy device set that homes equipment in a cozy manner and ensures that the package is transportable and effortless to use. The Bosch GSB 500 RE 500-Watt tool set comes in a available suitcase that you can keep away with ease or elevate somewhere with ease. Want to put up a family portrait or a new wall piece? Drill holes on the wall and force screws to fix your portraits, art, mild fixtures and greater with this tool set. With a robust and powerful 500-watt motor powering the tool set, it is a notable alternative for performing all kinds of restore and restoration jobs at your home.

Range of Innovative Features in the Easy to Use Smart Kit

Want to avoid the trouble of calling a chippie every time to fix the little matters around your home? Buy this crucial home enchancment product, the Bosch GSB 500 RE 500-Watt tool set online. Apart from the comfortable grip and the speed choice provided with the aid of the tool set, it elements a hammer and a rotary function for use on brick walls and wood respectively. The rotary mode on this clever package ensures straight forward drills with metallic drill bits. You can use this clever tool set for a range of domestic décor, plumbing and fixing duties at home.

Accomplish Various Tasks with a Versatile Tool Kit

Whatever kind of equipment you want for your subsequent domestic enchancment project, there’s probable a versatile device set that is entire with a set of tools and accessories for a range of household projects. The GSB 500RE clever kit from Bosch can help you repair a mild holder, deploy a vary of lights, repair your shelves, restoration a wobbling chair and a whole lot more. It helps you accomplish all this and greater with a 500W hammer drill, four steel drill bits, 5 concrete drill bits, 4 wooden drill bits, ten screwdriver bits, a hammer and quite a number other add-ons along with aggregate pliers, a cutter, a wrench, a spirit level, a measuring tape, a utility knife, a bit holder, thirty nylon plugs and thirty screws packed in a compact kit.

Get Started with Your Bosch GSB 500 RE 500-Watt Tool Set

The 500-watt hammer drill on the GSB 500RE clever kit facets three sorts of reverse drill bits. The pistol grip of the hammer drill ensures ease of use and more advantageous steadiness as well, all contributing to ordinary and correct drilling. To get started, all you need to do is loosen the chuck with an Allen key, insert the drill bit of your choice and tighten it with the chuck key. All the equipment in this Bosch package are made of MS and plastic. It points a drilling diameter of 10mm, an electronic velocity control and an influence switch for more than a few materials. Shop on line for the Bosch GSB 500 RE 500-Watt device set on Amazon India and revel in the great prices online.


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