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AuraVR Go Virtual Reality Headset

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AuraVR Go is made of plastic and a foam rubber padding for your face and nose. AuraVR Headset does not have sharp edges and the smartphone is held in place with a simple piece of plastic and foam. As per AuraVR Go review by various users its value for money VR headset with a brand trustability factor from Aura. Check AuraVR Headset review in video tab and get to know more about the product.

Key Features of AuraVR Go :

  • Type- VR Headsets
  • AuraVR
  • Colour- White
  • Enjoy 3D movies as well as virtual tours
  • Immersive VR Experience
  • External clicker not required
  • Supports Augmented Reality
  • The device supports up to 5.5 inches phone
  • It weighs just 148 grams is the lightest VR headset in its class 
  • Provided with inbuilt touch button for clicking action
  • Comes win bigger 42 MM lenses
  • In addition provided with adjustable Focal length and IPD
  • Comes with silicon pad for better phone grip
  • Open case design for easy heat dissipation
  • Supports Augmented Reality
  • Provided with Non-sweating cushion for comfortable experience
  • Provided with 2 months warranty against manufacturing defects


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About AuraVR Go Virtual Reality Headset

AuraVR Go gadget allows to enjo360-degree videos, virtual tours, 3D movies and play virtual reality games on your smartphone. AuraVR Go is comfortable to wear and is light and can be easily moved around with. The AuraVR Headset comes with a touch button for choosing options on the mobile phone screen in VR headset. Check AuraVR Headset price from various online stores and cashback offered against each store and pick the best deal for yourself. Also take a look at the Zebronics VR headset specifications along with the price.

Special Features :

Light Weight AuraVR Go is a wondrous combo on aesthetics then technology, aiding the standards regarding ergonomics between its each step on manufacturing. It is mild weight, weighing simply 158 grams then just the right quantity after enable entire VR enthusiasts, out of a school effective infant in imitation of an adult, experience the VR world. Lighter the measure concerning the headset, more comfortable such is in imitation of wear. Compatibility Mobile telephones along minimum running provision namely Android 4.1/iOS 5 are like minded along it. It helps telephone up in accordance with toughness 5.5”. For a perfect immersive VR experience, such is really useful as the mobile cellphone need to have Gyro sensor and vicinity sensor. Bigger Adjustable lenses The PMMA optical resin lenses are 42mm in diameter supplying a remarkable picture like experience. Being certain sideways according to interpupillary distance, AuraVR Go may stay worn by anyone, irrespective about theirs back contours. The lenses perform continue in imitation of or fro also presenting a Field concerning View concerning 100-110 degree. What is special in relation to the lens adjustment is up to expectation such is unique after every eye. Pupil Distance Adjustment: 57.5 – 67.5mm Focus Distance: 41 – 47mm User Interface Now you needn’t worry about exterior non-supportive magnetic clicker because of triggering action. Bringing the cell telephones except magnetometer then circle under the VR spell, AuraVR Go comes along a contact button in conformity with click or pick out picks over the cellular phone modesty of VR headset. Design & Features The T-shaped straps are comfortable in imitation of wear and straightway range the VR headset ponderosity around you head. The modern commence cover graph approves cell telephone heat dissipation and convenient get admission to plugin charging yet headphone jacks. Volume monitoring is also within reach. The silicon studs preserve the mobile cellphone steadily into place or prevents somebody scuff remark of screen. The throne around eyes is mainly instituted after avoid sweat round the eye area. Additionally, such does no longer pass exterior mild run up the FOV. Easy Shift from VR to AR The originate law graph of the AuraVR Go VR headset does no longer block the camera imparting a handy shift out of VR after AR mode.


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