alcatel kids watchphone
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Alcatel Kids Watchphone with Location Tracking Smartwatch

Alcatel is one of the companies with mobile innovations that inspire you to explore as well as amplify the joy in the every day. Alcatel Kids Watchphone compatible with both iOS 7 and above as well as Android 4.3 and above. The Alcatel Kids smartwatch keeps track on your kid’s location using GPS locator in the smartwatch. Check Alcatel Kids watch price from various online stores and cashback offered against each store and pick the best deal for yourself.

Key Features of Alcatel Kids Watchphone :

  • Comes with Call Function
  • In addition, this watch is water Resistant
  • Suitable for 5-11 years kids
  • Requires daily charging
  • Insert activated SIM card with calling as well as data facility
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About Alcatel Kids Watchphone with Location Tracking Smartwatch

As per Alcatel Kids Watchphone review by various users its value for money smartwatch and provide good performance at low cost. Alcatel Kids watch is powered by a long-lasting battery and offers a talk time of up to two hours as well as standby time of up to four days. This Alcatel Kids smartwatch locates your children within 60 seconds using CareTime and uses a blend of GPS, GMS and WiFi. Check Alcatel Kids Watchphone review in video tab to know more about the product. Also take a look at the samsung gear s3 price and smartwatch specifications online.

Special Features :

Geofencing - Their Safety, Your Serenity

Download the dedicated app (Movetime Track yet Talk), like minded together with each iOS 7 then on or Android 4.3 or above, beside the Apple Store and Android Play Store, or set a safe-zone because thine youngsters in conformity with geo-locate them when that go away the safe-zone including this smartwatch. receive notifications on thine smartphone on thine kid’s movements or keep a discreet look over to them through this Move Time. Make a Call When misplaced and among an emergency situation, your youngsters can answer in accordance with 10 pre-set rapport then accomplish calls in accordance with 5 registered numbers. Parents do additionally accomplish calls yet send voice messages according to thine kid when he/she leaves the pre-set safe-zone. The youngsters are also able according to recommend vivid icons fall up on theirs screen when the Mom then Dad calls. Geotracking Keep a tune of thine kid’s location the use of this smartwatch’s GPS locater. Water-Resistant and Dustproof Let your children arbitrary - let to them move into the rain yet including sand so this Move Time music & discuss hour is water-resistant yet dustproof. Long Battery Life

This Move Time horologe is powered through a long-lasting battery to that amount affords a discuss time of over in imitation of couple hours then a standby time regarding over to four days.

Locate Your Kid in 60 Seconds

Locate you teens within 60 seconds the use of CareTime, to that amount makes use of a combo concerning GPS, GMS then WiFi together with the close accurate place - both indoors yet exterior - gratefulness to a devoted planet service.


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