scientific calculator casio fx 991ms
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Casio fx 991MS Scientific Calculator

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Casio is a multinational consumer electronics and commercial electronics manufacturing company. This scientific calculator casio fx 991ms is the most useful tool for calculating your mathematical problems with great ease. The calculator has the capacity to display 10 + 2 digits and makes easy to carry on more complex calculations. The  casio scientific calculator fx 991ms is used to solve more complex problems and it features an extra-large high contrast clear display.

Key Features of scientific calculator casio fx 991ms :

  • Used for complex number calculations
  • Multiple and simple keys
  • Provides fast and clear output
  • Engineering symbol calculations
  • Comes with slide-on hard case
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About Casio fx 991MS Scientific Calculator

Scientific calculator Casio fx 991ms is designed with multi features. This casio scientific calculator fx 991ms is the best tool to carry out various mathematical functions such as scientific calculations, metric conversions, statistics and logistic operations. Check Casio fx 991MS Scientific Calculator price from various online stores and cashback offered against each store and pick the best deal for yourself. Also take a look at the casio fx 991es plus price along with specifications.

Special Features :

401 Functions

Exclusively designed including multi features, this calculator is a beneficial device in accordance with carry outdoors more than a few mathematical capabilities certain as like scientific calculations, metric conversions, facts then logistic operations.

2-Line Display

In the 2 line show of that calculator, you perform hold a better argue and without difficulty apprehend the entry about data so well so obtained result at the equal time.

10 + 2 Digits

This scientific calculator has the potential in imitation of show 10 + 2 digits construction it simpler in conformity with lift of greater complex calculations.

STAT Data Editor, Standard Deviation, Normal Distribution Calculations, Regression Analysis You perform easily clear up outdoors a variety of statistical operations referring to in conformity with grade deviation, regression evaluation then also make the statistical data including the increased technology of it calculator. Multi-replay Function

The different multi-replay feature over that calculator enables thou in conformity with recall then edit the in the meantime done formula.

Slide-on Hard Case

To defend the surface concerning that astrologer from scratches, so is a strong case provided which perform also stand without difficulty slided and handled.

Solve Function

This fortuneteller services a remedy function which helps you in imitation of clear up an equation without much effort.

Dot Matrix Display

For a better argue yet perception about graphs, that calculator comes together with a mite casting display.

Plastic Keys

The plastic keys assurance effortless and quick operation.


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