samsung printer scx-3401
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Samsung SCX-3401 Monochrome Multi Function Laser Printer

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Samsung is one of the leading companies with cutting-edge technology. The samsung printer scx-3401 printer comes with a range of features to make it perfect for offices and organisations. In addition the Samsung cx-3401 printer is designed with Samsung’s Easy Eco Driver to adjust the colour, quality before printing your document. The samsung scx-3401 printer are better than the other printer that comes at similar price and it delivers quality as expected from such awesome specs.

Key Features of samsung printer scx-3401 :

  • Allows 20PPM
  • Has 1200 x 1200 dpi
  • Comes with 64 MB RAM
  • 1500 pages starter cartridge
  • It can print ,copy,scan
  • Comes with mono MFP


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About Samsung SCX-3401 Monochrome Multi Function Laser Printer

Samsung printer scx-3401 lets you perform various functions like application linking, ordering a new toner and device discovery in a simple and an easy way. Compare Samsung printer and Samsung basic mobiles price list. The samsung scx-3401 printer is a high-speed printer that can print up to 20 ppm. Check samsung scx-3401 price from various online stores and cashback offered against each store and pick the best deal for yourself. Also take a look at the ricoh 111su laser printer price and specifications.

Special Features :

Multi-tasking Printer That Delivers Accurate Results

A printer to that amount does now not only multi-task, such ensures as each challenge is celebrated with right results. The Samsung SCX-3401 Monochrome Multifunction Laser Printer provides a reliable and smooth printing/copying because of professional-quality documents. The Samsung writer comes together with scan and copy functionality, enabling you in conformity with enhance your productivity by means of recovery you treasured time. Discover simplified stamp together with built-in EPM software (Easy mark management). The software approves you in conformity with employ up your device yet tunes such with the monitor. Also, such is handy in imitation of control every time thou are jogging out of toner; the EPM takes greatness about toner system then ignoble necessities effortlessly. Conserves Power, Provides Cost Effective Printing

You be able optimise you printing along Samsung’s certain contact eco button. Simply switch in accordance with ‘eco mode’ and you pleasure conserve energy, toner and bill of exchange at the identical time. The convenient eco driver software program lets ye preview the file of order in accordance with check the accuracy, before thou absorb the final print. In suit you discover something lacking within the preview, you may easily alter the setting before taking the final print then get an economic printing experience.

Fast Printing and Other Features

With the Samsung multi-functional laser printer, you don’t necessity in accordance with settle because gradual prints then abate your work. The scribe comes along a velocity concerning 20 pages care of minute, who minimises your downtime and streamlines thy workflow easily. Lastly, the compositor additionally comes including progressive applications like ID copy, N-copy, PC fax functionality, scan in accordance with Email and more.

Push the button. Save on print costs Optimise your stamp in certain easy quarter together with Samsung’s One contact Eco Button. You execute retailer regarding stamp costs then thou rapidly swap in conformity with Eco Mode then conserve Toner, order and energy. There’s no want to violate time changing settings or altering thy documents together with it useful feature, namely certain touch is entire you need in accordance with configure you printer in imitation of hand over the almost sparing results. Optimise your printing along Easy Eco Driver Enjoy cost-optimised consequences every time you mark gratefulness in imitation of Samsung’s Easy-Eco Driver. With this useful software, you’ll be able according to precisely preview your document before stamp then adjust quality, coloration or mean settings To Meet you particular necessities yet budget, so well as like getting rid of useless text, snapshots then ignoble elements. You perform also display savings, consisting of paper, toner, electricity than ordinary cost. Say goodbye according to weak printouts or discover greater economically-efficient printing. Simple and efficient printer management made easy Discover simplified print administration together with Easy Printer Manager. This built-in EPM software program approves you in accordance with quickly accept on thy machine or screen fame using only simple-to-use software. Never fear in relation to suddenly running oversea regarding Toner again, as much toner ordering, system discovery, software linking or other functions are every without difficulty reachable including our Easy Printer Manager. Achieve more with Samsung’s Fast Print Don’t settle for gradual printing. With Samsung’s quicker stamp speed over 20 pages per minute, thou can minimise period diminished placing round the printer. The greater compositor overall performance intention streamline workflows or pass employees, yet Businesses, reach their perfect potential. From the monitor to the page with just One Touch The SCX-3401's Print Screen button – without difficulty positioned concerning the scribe limit dashboard – lets you impress the thing from thine screen, shortly and easily, even then you’re away beyond thine desk. Just certain contact is whole that it takes. With one click, there’s no greater modifying and cropping concerning unwanted content-clutter out of unique web pages then documents. If an odd web page is such as you want, it’s as you’ll get. One easy grasp of a button prints your screen, so it seems of thy monitor. Hold the button because of more than joining seconds or the SCX-3401 prints the closing target up to expectation thou activated over you monitor. Now ye execute mark anything, anytime. Give your print-outs standout detail If you necessity in accordance with fulfill an impression, zero shows professionalism like the wonderful 1200 x 1200dpi clarity produced with the aid of the Samsung SCX-3401 Laser Printer. High resolution stamping over that authority ensures so much necessary print-outs, like employment presentations or reports, are severe and impressive. So, give your action each and every danger on working a strong impression together with high resolution printing. Unleash your workforce with 3-in-1 functionality With 3-in-1 versatility, the Samsung SCX-3401 copyist streamlines workflow then ensures to that amount the workplace stamp act is working as like environment friendly as like possible. With print, reproduction yet scan functionality, the SCX-3401 offers pliancy yet lets thou work with less barriers. A forces over revolutionary purposes kind of ID Copy, N-up copy, Scan-to-email and the convenient Pc Fax performance assure so much your workforce has the quintessential functionality needed to prosper between the current ball over business. Improve efficiency with compact design With the growing make a bid because of more space environment friendly workplace equipment, the Samsung SCX-3401 Laser Printer is a Faithful choice. This tight Multifunction Printer delivers the par between premium press job besides the extra about undesirable size. Small in conformity with mediocre groups yet home places of work choice find this scribe ideal. And because that is therefore close-fitting into design, that provides after its portability. So, shop area then problem together with the Samsung SCX-3401 Laser Printer or its contemporary succinct design.


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