panasonic er gy10k
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Panasonic ER-GY10K 6-in-1 Men’s Body Grooming Kit

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Panasonic is one of the leading companies. Panasonic er gy10k comes with high-quality stainless steel blades which will not give you any irritation or rashes. Panasonic gy10k cordless trimmer is very easy to use. Best of all, you can take it with you when you go on trips, without having to worry about it occupying too much space.

Key Features of Panasonic er gy10k :

  • It has a Floating cutter
  • A Washable head
  • It has an impressive 5 cutting attachments
  • Cordless trimmer
  • Kit includes Stainless steel blades which will never irritate your skin.
  • It is a Wet/dry application
  • For Body/Beard/Underarm/Sensitive area trimming.


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About Panasonic ER-GY10K 6-in-1 Men’s Body Grooming Kit

Panasonic  GY10 head of the trimmer can be removed easily, so that you can wash it after every use. This will ensure that no hair is stuck in the trimmer, and that hygiene is always maintained. This Panasonic er gy10k kit comes with five attachments that you can use for various body parts like underarms, facial hair and sensitive regions. You can use this trimmer both when your hair is wet as well as when it isn’t. Buy the Panasonic ER-GY10K 6-in-1 Men's Body Grooming Kit if you’re looking to be free from painful cuts!. Also check the latest Panasonic mobile phones at various stores and place the deal online. Also check panasonic eh-nd11a specifications and price.

Special Features:

Easy Grip

Panasonic ER-GY10 Body Grooming package comes with convenient grip feature. The cordless grooming package approves you perfect grip while gliding the razor. Be it you head or your cheeks, it shaves the hairs effortlessly besides making use of pressure.

Stainless Steel Blades

The convenient grooming package is built-in with stainless metal blades which are water and rust-resistant. The brilliant steel makes it durable. You can effortlessly trim hairs from any part of the body thru sharp stainless metal blade trims the hairs according to your choice. You can without problems dispose of moist and dry hairs with this durable grooming kit. Wash the handy head with flowing water without reducing your hands.

The light-weight grooming kit is convenient to load and its compact plan aids in effortless storing anywhere in the corner of our house. The grooming kit comes with cleansing oil and cleansing brush. Panasonic ER-GY10 Body Grooming package consumes 220-240 V power.

Detachable Head for Easy Cleaning

The compact grooming kit comes with more than one shaving attachments of distinct sizes. The smooth head of the grooming package is convenient to drift and wash. You can wash it effortlessly with flowing water.


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