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Things You Need To Know About Facebook Express WiFi

facebook express wifi

Facebook has always been a sensation and now it has come up with exciting news that is setting up Express WiFi all over in India. At the beginning of this year, the reports came out that WiFi service continuously was being under tests at various rural locations in India. The Facebook’s Express WiFi is certainly the second great attempt performed by a social networking organization, next to Internet.org, as a try to sort out the connectivity problem of India.


An initial step up by Facebook:

As Facebook is the biggest social media organization in the world, it had attempted to fix the issues regarding the Internet access all through India via mobile data. This process was carried through a project that was originally known as Internet.org, which later was renamed to Free Basics. But the major drawback of Free Basics was that it only offers only limited Internet access for only some sites that were approved by Facebook.


epress wifi


Few Things you need to know about Facebook Express Wi-Fi:

  • Express WiFi would facilitate people to get connected to the Internet without expending too much.
  • The spotlight of Express WiFi is in the rural areas, with 125 specific locations to start with.
  • Express WiFi isn’t free Internet, unlike Internet.org. However, the exact details are still not clear, although consumers can buy data packs via digital vouchers.
  • Facebook has not revealed the exact places where the Express WiFi is being tested in India either.
  • Facebook has to confirm whether the Express WiFi will provide the full access to the internet or to limited sites.
  • Express WiFi will give power to local entrepreneurs to offer high-quality Internet access to their neighbors, and make some profit.


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Obviously, at this point, Facebook clearly targets at the entry-level smart phones or even the computers and laptops and offers seamless Wi-Fi connectivity to any websites. Moreover, Facebook is just creating a Wi-Fi access point for the internet users, but it still depends on the local internet service providers for seamless data. Especially, this technology by Facebook helps with the fine last mile connectivity where the Internet is not accessible, with the only objective of bringing internet connectivity all over the world. Facebook has started experiments with stuff like laser drones to improve Internet connectivity for users across the globe. As of now, there are no such plans to bring that to India.

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