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6 Ways To Find ATM With Cash Near Me

Atm with cash near me

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s announcement of demonetization of Rs.500 and Rs.1000 notes created a flutter on 8th November late Tuesday night. While PM said, this step was necessary to drain out the illicit cash from the economy and stamp out the disease of “corruption”, people have to spend hours in queues outside ATM’s to withdraw new currency notes. Setting up of withdrawal limit to Rs.2500 and non- functional ATM’s have created great chaos in crowd. People are making use of technology to find out ATM’s that are dispensing cash. To Find out the ATM with Cash near my location with various apps have been created.

Below are list of websites that could be a helping hand to find out the nearest ATM with Cash :

1. Cashnocash.com:

ATMs with cash

This website is an outstanding effort by NASSCOM and Quickr to help out the people standing in queues to withdraw money. All you need to do is enter the PIN code of your locality and the list will show you the nearest ATM’s with their statuses marked as Cash, No Cash and Wait. With additional feature of e-mail alert when cash becomes available around your area.

Click Here to visit cashnocash.com

2. Walnut Mobile Application:

Walnut mobile application

A mobile application build for iOS and Android which is greatly helpful in finding a functional ATM with cash. Based on crowd sourced information, this application describes the length of queue at a particular ATM using different color codes.

Click here to Get Walnut Mobile App

3. AtmSearch.in:


An initiative by an entrepreneur Lokesh Sharma, this website is also based on crowd -sourced data which displays list of ATM’s having cash near your current location. Supplementary information such as length of queue, landmark and last updated time is also visible to the user.

Click Here to visit Atmsearch.in

4. CMS ATM Finder:



This portal handles the information of ATM’s of whole country. Just enter the name of your city and state and you can see the whole list of working ATM’s around your desired location. Find out the ATM near my location having cash with this app.

Click here to visit CMS ATM Finder

5. Tapzo (formerly Helpchat):


Tapzo (formerly Helpchat) also work in the same manner as many other sites. This personal assistant application is making life simpler by locating the nearest ATM’s near you along with additional features like personal chat.

Click Here to Download HelpChat App

6. Book My Chotu :


Personal assistant for ATM queue

If you are super busy and looking for someone who can stand in queue on your behalf Visit Bookmychotu.com and hire a chotu for you. Just open Bookmychotu.com and enter the required details. Then choose your plan as the number of chotus and the amount of time required. You will get a confirmation mail from the website.

Click here to visit Bookmychotu


Conclusion :

There are many mobile applications and websites available to know the the nearest ATM with cash, but Cashnocash is the most popular website so far which is updated by the people. Cashnocash updates real time statistics based on the users’ feedback and lets you know which ATM has cash, which has long queues and which has gone cash-dry. Walnut and Tapzo gives you the location of the ATM’s nearby you having cash but they don’t give give you the info regarding queue. BookmyChotu might be a showstopper they can make it viral at this time.