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Xiaomi Mi Band 2

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Xiaomi designs, develops, and sells smartphones, mobile apps, laptops, and related consumer electronics. Mi Band 2 features automatic sleep tracking that triggers itself fairly accurately. The mi band 2 specs are better than the other Smartbands that comes at similar price and it delivers quality as expected from such awesome specs. Take a look at Mi Band 2 india reviews, offers and user ratings and place the deal.  The Mi Band 2 also lets you set alarms and wakes you up with a discrete buzz. Check mi band 2 price from various online stores and cashback offered against each store and pick the best deal for yourself.

Key Features :

  • Bluetooth chip- Dialog top Bluetooth chip (Bluetooth 4.0), military gravity sensors to detect movement and sleep quality
  • It is a water resistant with Waterproof level:IP67
  • It comes with a Plastic, aluminium case with Anti-sweat Thermoplastic elastomers, aluminium band
  • The battery can last up to 20 days
  • It can monitor heart rate, Sleep Tracking, Monitor your activity levels, track walking distance and calculate calories burned
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About Xiaomi Mi Band 2

The mi band is a reliable activity tracker with a heart rate sensor. The mi band 2 price in india is expected to be around 2K and would be a great choice for you to buy it since it has mind blowing features. The band is made of a rubber-like material that is very comfortable. As per xiaomi band 2 review by various users its value for money Smartband with a brand trustability factor from Xiaomi and provide high performance at low cost. Get various mi products with well build in quality and compare the mi price in India at various sites. This band vibrates when you get calls, texts and app notifications. Check xiaomi band 2 review in video tab and get to know more about the product. So take a look at mi band 2 specs in the specification tab to know complete specs. Check Mi Band 2 india prices, expert reviews, user ratings, latest news and full specifications at various sites and place the deal online. Also take a look at the  intex fitrist pulzz review along with specifications

This band vibrates when you get calls, texts and app notifications.

Special Features :

Time, Steps, Heart Rate

The current model about Mi Band 2 has an OLED-display and a contact panel, which choice accomplish greater information handy after you. You can locate out the white records in regard to the blanketed distance, time, bravery rate, body anger or deep lousy beneficial facts including just one touch of a finger. Smart technological know-how responds according to thy movements. As soon namely you raise your hand, the bracelet wish display the present day time without difficulty then conveniently. Fitness tracker or wristwatch two within one.

New Pedometer Algorithm

Accurate Data Step by Step

In evaluation with the previous era photosensitive model regarding Mi Band, the instant pedometer Mi Band 2 is primarily based concerning the modern hardware platform. Now, every step you bust wish be clearly displayed on the screen, hence you perform music you development each day. Accurate Heart Rate Monitoring With built-in motion and heart dosage sensor and be able recommend the stage of load about your physique then more doubtlessly plan the exercises. Continuous Sedentary Work?

The Mi Band 2 Invites you for a Walk

In order for you not according to sit nevertheless because of too long whilst you employment and read, the fitness tracker Mi Band 2 has a reminder system. The device choice watchful you to that amount it’s day because a warm-up, as wish assist in conformity with enhance thy gore custom and in accordance with extend your productivity. You may customise the notification breast by means of yourself, and the Mi Band 2 wish vibrate indication you about the next quick exercise or a run in the sparkling air, which desire enable you in accordance with be brought a current value concerning health. Your Unique ID

Using a smartphone on the Android platform, you execute embark over thine own calculation among kilter after uncover the Mi Band 2 in a start with just a fingerprint. Calls and messages. Vibrating wary via the application. When the smartphone receives a coming call, a news then a notification, the recent Mi Band 2 desire vibrate, too salvo the smartphone is busy at the moment.

IP67 Waterproof Level

Take a shower then go within the warm summer time rain without demanding respecting the action concerning you Mi Band 2, due to the fact the worldwide par protection level IP67 makes this health wristband water-proof yet anti-dust. The tracker is additionally well safe out of sweat, fat and other destroying agents.

Beautiful Inside and Out

Behind the ideal look of a tuck even are hidden the special progressive technologies, as are ergonomically placed of the panel, created the use of the ultra-precise injection molding and UV treatment. Thanks in imitation of this industrial approach the surface over Mi Band 2 is scratch and fingerprint resistant.

Low Power Consumption of OLED-Display

Thanks to the integrated OLED-display you may access the statistics with certain contact concerning a finger. At the equal time the energy-saving smart technology pleasure permit you to usage the tracker because of a long age except recharging.

Reliable Fastening

The new graph Mi Band 2 has a locking cite so much reliably fixes the tracker, so you intention not decline that at some stage in passionate exercising or other activities. Furthermore, the strap clasp has a seamless construction, who additionally reduces the possibility regarding losing the tracker.


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