maharaja whiteline garment steamer
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Maharaja Whiteline GS-100 1600-Watt Garment Steamer

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Maharaja Whiteline is one of the leading home appliances manufacturers, kitchen appliances etc. Maharaja Whiteline Garment Steamer is compactly designed and comes with an ergonomic handle. The Maharaja Whiteline GS-100 heats up quickly and saves your precious time as well as electricity.

Key Features of Maharaja Whiteline Garment Steamer :

  • This is a powerful vertical steam
  • Sanitise and remove odour
  • It is a full home solution with 5 attachments
  • In additon it comes with fabric brush, lint pad, upholstery brush, door hook and crease attachment
  • Ready in 2 minutes
  • Has a compact design large steam head
  • Continuous and easy refill and integrated cord storage
  • Power- 1600 watts
  • Operating Voltage- 230 volts
  • Provided with warranty period of 1 years on product
  • Includes- Garment steamer
  • Customer Service Number- 18601804111
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About Maharaja Whiteline GS-100 1600-Watt Garment Steamer

Get yourself a steamer along with maharaja juicer mixer grinder at low price. Maharaja Whiteline Garment Steamer is ready in 2 minutes to perfectly iron your clothes and comes with an attachment to get the perfect creases. Maharaja Whiteline GS-100 sterilizes the clothes by killing off germs and getting rid of bacteria, apart from removing creases and wrinkles. Check Maharaja Whiteline Garment Steamer price from various online stores and cashback offered against each store and pick the best deal for yourself. Also take a look at the maharaja Whiteline iron price along with specifications.

Special Features :

Design & Performance

The GS100 clothing steamer is compactly designed and comes together with an ergonomic handle. It is capable about a muscular vapour outturn which mildly but correctly gets rid of wrinkles then creases. Functions Extremely gentle about whole fabrics, it easy-to-use Maharaja Whiteline Garment steamer is ready within 2 minutes to flawlessly iron your clothes. It comes including 5 attachments for your various fabric ponderabil needs. Apart out of eliminating wrinkles, it clothing keel removes odours and sanitises your clothes. Door Hook Steaming is simpler condition the garments are hung. The enclosed clothes hook is easy in accordance with usage and do be effortlessly fixed in conformity with the door. Take your garments outdoors about a hanger, vicinity about the gate hook or begin. Fabric Brush The fabric brush opens up the father of the material because of higher damp penetration. Attach the fabric brush after the humidity head. Gently brush the vicinity to keep steamed. The fabric brush can stay old concerning board shirts, board sarees, birthday celebration attire and mean garments. Crease Attachment The crease loving approves you in imitation of redact ideal creases easily. Fasten the lap endearment in imitation of the back on the damp head. Place thin fabric into the crease attachment. Move the crumple love among a down rate beginning from the top. And advice or easy that is after attain perfect, crisp creases over trousers, shirts, college uniforms and Patiala salwar. Upholstery Brush The upholstery paint brush is back to useful resource vapor penetration into difficult and nappy fabrics kind of curtains, couch covers, desk covers yet bedspreads because quicker results. Attach the upholstery brush in conformity with the humidity tip then Gently brush the location in accordance with remain steamed. Lint Pad The lint doss removes hair, lint and animal fur according to consign a professional finish. The lint bed is a separate accent then cannot remain fond after the steam head. To use the lint pad, brush the cloth between some direction. Comfort & Safety The integrated twine gives you sufficient consolation in imitation of pace around because of comfortable ironing. The succinct diagram concerning the metal makes such effortless in imitation of save it somewhere besides arrival lots space. There is no risk of painful your fabrics including it clothing steamer.


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