intex power bank review
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Intex Na IT-PB12.5K 12500 mAh Power Bank

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As the saying goes all good things comes in small packages ,the Intex Power Bank perfectly fits this saying. It compact and efficient. With this, your phone or tablet will never run out of battery. Has a flawlessly balancing portability with capacity, making it the favored power bank for your smartphone or tablet. It adds an instant touch of trend-setting style to any workspace. Compare  Intex power bank price at various sites and get  exciting offers/discounts on your order . Also Check out the Intex power bank review along with video attached to learn more about the product.

Key Features :

  • Capacity is about 12500mAh
  • Life Cycle > 500 times
  • USB ports 3 nos
  • Product designed for Mobile , MP3/MP4 , Digicam
  • Product Dimension is about 14.0×6.4×2.3cm
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About Intex Na IT-PB12.5K 12500 mAh Power Bank

The Intex smartphone price is very low and comes with all the latest features. Look at latest Intex power bank price in india , user ratings, latest news and full specifications at trusted sites and make your choice. Also check out the  Intex power bank review and videos to learn more about the product. Compare Intex power bank price at various sites and place the deal, also get some cash backs.Intex Na IT-PB12.5K power bank is an effective transportable energy bank from Intex. The device helps you cost all your tech gadgets, together with smartphone and tablets, on the go. Also take a look at the best power bank in India along with specifications.

Special Features :


The electricity financial institution is like minded with nearly all smartphones, tablets, speakers and other gadgets. It comes with a USB cable that connects your system with the electricity bank.


With three USB ports, the strength financial institution permits you to charge three phones/tablets at the same time. The maximum energy output is 5V/1A and 2x5V/2.1A. The power supply is an AC adaptor.

Battery capacity

The battery capability of the electricity financial institution stands at an implausible 12500 mAh, which ensures that your smartphone in no way dies on you again. Weighing a mere 290g, with a height, width and depth of 140mm, 64mm and 23mm respectively, the Intex Na IT-PB12.5K is highly portable and handy to use. Purchase this energy bank these days and ensure that you are linked to your smartphone at all times.


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