intex fitrist pulzz review
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Intex fitRiSt Pulzz

Intex offers latest android smartphones, mobile phones, led HD TV, home theatre system, data card and many electronic products. The FitRist Pulzz fitness band features a 0.66-inch touch-enabled Oled digital display. As per intex fitrist pulzz review by various users its value for money smartwatch with a brand trustability factor from intex. In addition this smartwatch supports Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity and pairs up with the smartphone to give incoming call alerts, SMS alerts, WhatsApp notifications as well as even Facebook notifications. Check intex fitrist pulzz price from various online stores and cashback offered against each store and pick the best deal for yourself.

Key Features :

  • This is a digital smart band
  • Made of Silicone
  • This is a Bluetooth Enabled device
  • In addition it has a activity tracker
  • Comes with OLED Display
  • In addition it is water resistant
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About Intex fitRiSt Pulzz

Check Intex fitrist pulzz review in video tab and get to know more about the product. The smartphone gives access to the mp3 player to change tracks while working out. Intex fitrist pulzz buy online form trusted sites and get some cash backs on your order. This smartwatch allows to get the heart rate, monitor step count, calories, distance covered and sleep. Compare intex fitrist pulzz price and user ratings at various sites and place the deal online. Also take a look at the goqii band price along with specifications.

Special Features :

Heart Rate Monitor

Keep music of your heart rate whilst strolling of the treadmill and biking in accordance with understand if your workout session if high quality and not. Change your activities based totally about you guts dosage in conformity with redact the almost over whole thine efforts. It’s recommended to that amount you put on it smart bandslightly upon the control hence it be able become aware of you pulse greater accurately.

Steps Count

If taking walks is thine physical undertaking about choice, you be able preserve tune over the number regarding steps you absorb every epoch including this smart band. This way, no longer solely pleasure you know how much many steps you’ve taken, however how many much greater you necessity after receive in accordance with associate your every day target.

WhatsApp Notification

Whenever anybody messages you concerning WhatsApp, that smart leash screen intention show ‘WhatsApp’ to notify you.

Your Running Mate

If you’re attempting in imitation of shed a few pounds, it’s quintessential as you keep tune concerning the era thou consume running, the variety over steps ye absorb then the aggregate calories you burn. With that smart band, you may work exactly that.

Time & Date

Apart out of the superior fitness-tracking services up to expectation it smart bandoffers, it additionally tells you the age or date, attention the fundamental purpose of a wristband.

Your Personal Burn Meter

This smart band maintains archives about the aggregate of calories ye burn with the aid of the day. Now, you do engage fitness goals up to expectation are custom-made in conformity with your physique and stay within shape.

Incoming Call Notification

You don’t necessity in imitation of reach for thine pocket each and every day ye want according to locate out who’s profession you. A speedy look at the screen regarding this clever band is entire such takes after functionate so. Simply couple it smart strip including thine smartphone or you’re honest in conformity with go. This smart strip helps call notifications together with caller ID for users with Android-based phones. For users together with iOS-based phones, that smart bandage will show coming call notifications namely call icons agreement the range is stock regarding their smartphone. If not, the clever band’s veil displays the whole number.

Sleep Monitoring

As this smart band monitors you lie patterns, thou perform discover outdoors agreement you got the correct aggregate or type of couch including it. Adjust the period for which you sleep based over this clever band’s documents in conformity with conduct a healthier lifestyle.

MP3 Control

Change the tracks as are of your smartphone’s playlist along easy taps about it smart band’s screen. The FitRist Pulzz presents easier rule above your music.

Remote Shutter

Things might be brought tricky condition you want after receive a family portraiture along your smartphone’s late camera. Simply put in you smartphone concerning a levelled floor at the correct angle yet uses you smart tuck because of the Felicitous click. Now, you be able confirm as whole you cherished ones get of the frame.

SMS Notification

A flick of the pulse is entire that takes in accordance with be aware of agreement you acquired a story yet whoever that is up to expectation messaged you.

Facebook Messenger Notification

People are usually absolutely eager so it comes according to preserving music over their Facebook Messenger notifications. Thanks in conformity with it clever band, thou don’t hold in conformity with recover thy smartphone beside you pocket each period you necessity to be aware of agreement you received a notification and not. You wish stand notified namely and when ye acquire any FB Messenger notification.

Hydration Reminder Alarm

It’s vital up to expectation you remain hydrated throughout workout routines then long jogs. The FitRist Pulzz intention remind thou in accordance with receive above among a well-timed manner.


Use the silent surge alarm characteristic according to employ gym-session reminders or to arise upon about time because work.


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