inalsa steam iron
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Inalsa Onyx 2000-Watt Steam Iron

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Inalsa manufactures Home Kitchen Appliances, Food processors, Coffee Makers, OTG, Microwave, Juicer Mixer Grinder and many more. Inalsa steam iron enables you to easily remove even the most stubborn creases. The inalsa iron comes with a non-stick as well as ceramic coated soleplate to glide smoothly over any kind of fabric. Check Inalsa Onyx iron Specs in the specification tab to know complete specs.

Key Features of inalsa steam iron :

  • Allow the iron to heat up for some time so you can use the steam function effectively
  • If the iron is not heated properly and if steam function is used it will lead to water leakage
  • Comes with Steam/spray/dry ironing
  • Has a ceramic coated sole plate and anti-drip and anti-calc functions
  • Comes with vertical ironing, powerful spray and self-cleaning
  • Has a variable steam as well as temperature control and ISI approved
  • A big size complete iron with steam, spray, vertical iron, anti drip and anti-calc functions
  • In addition it comes with 2 years warranty on product
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About Inalsa Onyx 2000-Watt Steam Iron

The inalsa iron features a thermal fuse which melts and breaks of connection with the circuitry, in case of overheating or extended heating. Inalsa Onyx is lightweight, tipping the scales at a mere 1.3 kilograms. Check inalsa steam iron price from various online stores and cashback offered against each store and pick the best deal for yourself. Also take a look at the inalsa orbit steam iron specifications along with price.

Special Features :


Ceramic Coated Sole Plate

This Steam Iron is supplied along a ceramic covered non-fagot covered alone plate, which also enables handy slip concerning iron about all sorts on fabrics.

Wrinkle Free Clothes

Variable Steam & Temperature allows you after without difficulty lift too the close cussed creases.

Self Cleaning Option

Drainage over water through alone enframe beyond steam metal is known as self cleaning. And Inalsa Steam Iron is furnished including that substantial feature.

When metal is within warm position > Shift / Press self-interest cleansing button within its role > preceding damp will launch till sheer enframe comes of cold position then further lotus intention launch till exhaust over water tank. Along along air & Water, impurities and scale shall appear outdoors . It is necessary in conformity with function self cleaning at regular intervals. Anti Drip Function Bimetallic globe which is into beneath role then mere bind is among tranquil or lifted extra now only fix is hot. Spring loaded nail is lifted when bimetallic ring is lifted up. So water escapes after mere pebble through the gap. longevity Anti-Calc Function & Powerful spray

Process according to fulfil water soft through disposing of its difficulty (which prevents fence regarding steam pores within sole plate) is known as Anti-Calc.

Inalsa Steam Iron has an Anti-Calc cartridge which is packed together with resin beads. Hard lotos together with calcium then magnesium flows through that resin then turns soft. Over time Calc build up yet do bog down the overall performance & lifestyles concerning damp iron.One over the big function on this Inalsa Steam Iron is as it comes together with Anti-Calc Function, Thus Inalsa Steam Iron has long life & auspicious performance. Vertical Ironing & Powerful Spray

This INALSA iron has a vertical steam function, because of crease removal of hanging fabrics.

Powerful Performance

2000 Watt permits regular excessive air output.

Anti Drip Function

To apprehend Anti Drip Function , lets forward understand why & now lotos leaks beside Sole Plate:

We whole comprehend Water converts in imitation of dampness then its fire reaches 100deg. C. Till period alone pebble temperature is 100deg. C , cloud gets transformed of steam. As soon so Sole Plate temperature is less than 100deg. C , such comes abroad in the form regarding Water. Process in accordance with stop water advent abroad on Sole fix now that is cold (even Steam is ON) is known as Anti Drip. The Anti-Drip function concerning INALSA Iron lets you Iron refined material too at paltry temperature, without the fear of leaving water stains over clothes.  


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