hp s6500 speaker
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HP S6500 Wireless Mini Speakers

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The Hewlett-Packard Company was an American multinational information technology. It develops a wide variety of hardware components as well as software. HP s6500 speaker is a portable Bluetooth speaker. HP s6500 Bluetooth speaker has a battery life which lasts up to 10 hours.

Key Features of HPh s6500 speaker :

  • Spread the sound around with a crisp top-firing audio driver with soft-touch paint, this beauty looks as good as it sounds
  • Connect with a 30-foot Bluetooth range
  • Plug in your favorite device
  • This device comes fully supported by HP with 1-year warranty
  • It is provided with 24 x 7 support
  • Built-in buttons keep you in control and the long-lasting battery keeps you moving for up to 10 hours
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About HP S6500 Wireless Mini Speakers

HP s6500 speaker unit powers off when there is no audio playback or inactivity for 3 minutes which help in saving battery. HP s6500 Bluetooth speaker will reconnect automatically without the need to repair. Check hp coupon code and price from various sites and place the deal. You can check out the youtube video provided on our site to know more about HP s6500 speaker review. Also take a look at the logitech x300 review along with specifications.

Special Features:

Indicator Lights on the Front of the Speaker

The front of the speaker has Bluetooth and battery indicator lights.

Bluetooth light:- A blinking blue light shows the speaker is in pairing mode- A blue light shows the speaker is linked to a Bluetooth device- A red light indicates the speaker is related to a machine via an audio cableBattery light:- When the light is on, the batter is charging- A blinking mild suggests the battery is low- When the mild is off, the battery is chargedThe microphone light shows the speaker is operating.Connection Ports on the Back of the Speaker

An audio port and a USB connection port are placed on the back of the speaker.

Connecting the Speaker Using Bluetooth

If the speaker is not connected to a machine with an audio cable or a USB cable, the speaker automatically tries to connect to a device using Bluetooth.

Follow the on-screen prompts on the device to connect it to your speaker.Connecting the Speaker Using an Audio Cable

Use the following steps to join to the speaker with an audio cable.

1. Twist the compartment cover downward to get admission to the audio port.2. Then, insert the different end of the cable into the audio port on the device.Connecting the Speaker Using a USB Cable

Use the following steps to connect the speaker to a device with a USB cable.

1. Twist the compartment cover downward to get entry to the USB port.2. Insert one stop of the USB cable into the USB port on the speaker. Then, insert the different cease of the cable into the USB port on the device.


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