havells wall fan
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Havells Swing 300mm Wall Fan

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Havells is one of the largest electrical equipment companies in India. In addition Havells manufactures domestic appliances such as electric irons, food processors, juicer mixer grinders and many more. Havells Wall Fan can be mounted in any corner of a room and delivers good air flow to the entire room. Check havells wall fan price from various online stores as well as cashback offered against each store and pick the best deal for yourself. 

Key Features of Havells Wall Fan :

  • This is an elegantly designed fan base
  • Provided with 120 ribs guard
  • In addition it has aerodynamically designed as well as balanced blades
  • Speed- 1330 RPM
  • Provided with pull cord control for speed as well as oscillation on-off
  • Air Delivery- 45 CMM
  • Power- 45 watts
  • Customer service number: 18001031313
  • Provided with warranty period of 2 years on product
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About Havells Swing 300mm Wall Fan

Havells Wall Fan comes with a powerful motor to deliver fast fan speeds and to make it an ideal for your homes as well as office. Take a look at havells wall fan price list and specifications at various trusted sites and place the deal and also get some cash back on your order. Havells Wall Fan provides better and uniform air flow to all parts of the room. Compare havells wall fan price and reviews at various online sites and place the best deal. Also take a look at the citron ceiling fan price along with specification.

Special Features :

Sturdy and Stylish Fan Base

A wall established fan is beneficial as much that execute be established between somebody corner of a car after commend honest wind glide after the complete room. The Havells Swing traverse fan has a strong motor, capable about turning in speedy encourage speeds so much makes such a perfect choice because your houses as much well as much office. This wall installed fan has a sturdy then stylish bad so much consists about all the controls displayed concerning it then makes that convenient in imitation of use. Along including providing clear breeze, the Havells parapet winnow would also appear alluring when mounted between you house. User-Friendly Design and Aerodynamic Blades This oscillating wall fan presents higher then uniform air go with the flow in conformity with whole parts of the room. It additionally grants strong speed on 1330rpm as such has aerodynamically designed exclusive blades that enhance its performance. This Havells parapet hooked up encourage is handy in accordance with makes use of as such has a draw wire control in accordance with vary velocity and also stop the restlessness among of then away position. With that afar bright looks yet a hundred and twenty ribs guard, the fan looks beautiful then add upon concerning someone wall. As that consumes 45W of power, it fan is also energy saving.


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