f&d f1500u
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F&D F1500U 5.1 Speaker System

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Fenda Audio is one of the best speakers in India. F&D F1500U speaker provides a surround sound effect and is especially great while watching movies or listening to songs. The F&D 5.1 Speakers comes with a subwoofer to provide a low bass frequencies with high clarity. Check F&D 5.1 Speaker System price from various online stores and cashback offered against each store and pick the best deal for yourself.

Key Features of F&D F1500U :

  • Comes with 2.5 inches full range driver for satellites as well as 4 inches bass driver 
  • Allows to plug and play USB card reader
  • The USB reader supports MP3/WMA dual formats decoding
  • Provided with pro-logic function for virtual surround sound effect


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About F&D F1500U 5.1 Speaker System

F&D F1500U is designed to provide the best of sound quality and has a total power Output of 24 watts with frequency response of 50 Hz to 120 Hz. F&D 5.1 Speakers can be dismantled and can be carried with ease while taking from one place to another. As per F&D 5.1 Speaker System review by various users its value for money Speaker with a brand trustability factor from f&d speakers and provide quality outputs at low cost. Check F&D F1500U Specs in the specification tab to know complete specs. Also take a look at the f&d f210x specification and price.

Special Features :

Minimalistic, Yet Elegant Design

Embossed satellite plan gives a recent appeal in conformity with a basic look.

Matte Finishing

Classic matte finish maintains your audio system fingerprint broad for a clean, geared up look.

5 Satellites

More satellites then you perform enroll the entire wagon with echo yet experience the encompass response experience.

Pure Wood Cabinet

100% wooden council delivers strong, ignoble distortion bass.

Beautiful, Balanced Full-Range Sound

With 2.5” whole measure pilot because of satellites and 4” soft pilot because the subwoofer, you perform journey the perfect balance for each song.

Plug & Play USB Card Reader

USB pupil supports MP3/WMA twin distribute decoding, and easy tap within you music or enter the chamber together with sound.

Pro-Logic Virtual Surround Sound

Instantly conduct yourself according to the concert halls about thy favourite performing artists. With the surround sound effect, you’ll sense kind of ye are a non-public target audience because of somebody performance.

Side Panel Controls

Full feature controls are positioned regarding the aspect dashboard because of volume, source, previous, next, circulate then pause.

Full Function Remote Control

Glow in the far flung control manufactory at a distance of atop ten meters, you execute shed any tune directly the use of the numbered solution pad.


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