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Envent Horizon 501 Bluetooth Soundbar

Envent Soundbar is designed with clever locking mechanism that makes this speaker system unique. The Envent Horizon speaker is designed with curved edges and is made of high-grade plastic. In addition the woofer is constructed with real hardwood. Check Envent Horizon 501 price from various online stores and cashback offered against each store and pick the best deal for yourself.

Key Features of Envent Soundbar :

  • Produces a total RMS of 40W from 5.25-inch woofer & 3-inch satellite speakers
  • In addition the heavy duty wooden woofer yields true BASS effect
  • Enabled Bluetooth connectivity 
  • The soundbar has a range up to 10m (30 ft)
  • You can now play music from your phone wirelessly from any corner of your room within range.
  • This is an soundbar cum 2.1 speaker
  • You can have the experience of both with the simple locking system
  • Comes with dedicated volume, bass & treble control knobs including generic controls on the back panel of woofer
  • In addition you can also control music through remote control from a range of 5 metre (16 ft)
  • The USB (Up to 32 GB) as well as SD card slots enable you to play music conveniently
  •  In addition the AUX in facility allows wider range of gadgets as music source


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About Envent Horizon 501 Bluetooth Soundbar

Envent Soundbar and speaker pumps out sound from its two 3” satellite speakers and one 5.25” inch woofer giving you a sound output of 40 RMS. As per Envent Soundbar review by various users its value for money Speaker and provide quality outputs at low cost. Envent Horizon Specs are better than the other soundbar that comes at similar price and it delivers quality as expected from such awesome specs. Envent Horizon 501 allows you to sit back and play music wirelessly with your smart device from a range of up to 30 feet. Check Envent Horizon 501 Specs in the specification tab to know complete specs. Also take a look at the philips htl1041 soundbar price along with specifications.

Special Features :

Enhance your home audio experience with Horizon 501 BT

It’s a soundbar! It’s a 2.1 system! It’s without a doubt brilliant! The Envent Horizon 501 BT is designed in imitation of surprise you all the time. A sensible locking mechanism makes it manager regulation unique. A cable or a click on changes such from a sizeable soundbar to joining stand-tall speakers. So you get the superior of both Worlds. And blended with the thumping woofer you reach crystal clear echo that is rich and fulfilled over the right notes some way you need it. permanency Envent gives in accordance with you a top class put in over soundbar curator according to enhance the home theatre impact along Horizon 501 BT, a Felicitous combo over fantastic sketch including husky response in imitation of entrust ye final entertainment. So, stay such music then movie, thine ear experience will keep divine.

Soundbar cum 2.1 speaker

Envent Horizon 501 BT solves twin purpose. You can uses that so soundbar while gazing TV or so 2.1 principal together with other music sources. The unique then clever uncovering mechanism turns the soundbar into a 2.1 speaker. Satellite cables over 5.5 ft spread offers you the deliverance in accordance with vicinity the satellites at a distance from the woofer. This offers you a balanced noise trip wherever you need according to shed it.

Wooden woofer with matched soundbar

Real hard timber is chronic in accordance with assemble the woofer. The excessive quality of wood enhances the soft and gives you a thump. Ergonomic diagram of woofer along curved edges concerning that strong duty woofer intention in reality complement your chamber décor. The soundbar with planet audio system are taken together with excessive grade plastic and steel mash covers the speaker units about the echo bar. These audio system relinquish you clearer excessive then mid-range frequencies. Together this two material hand over ye tune the way that used to be meant in conformity with lie heard. Larger speaker for great sound Sound is pumped abroad out of joining 3inch moon audio system or one 5.25inch woofer speaker. Combined that edit absolute every the stages echo candy and clear. Together the music system yields noise yield of 40W RMS. You’ll sense the bass and the high notes wish attain instant highs. So pump on the aggregation except fear Easy to operate The luxurious regarding wireless - Bluetooth This speaker system loves wireless connectivity - Bluetooth. Smartphones, tabs, notepads – nearly anybody song source including Bluetooth connectivity can stand double including Horizon 501 BT and lead of it. With a thoroughness about ten meters (30ft) this is Felicitous because parties. You execute just sit down again and circulate your tune wirelessly beyond a handy distance.

One system. Unlimited players

Smartphone, laptops, USB, SD cards, game consoles… anybody is welcome. There is regulation because both AUX as much nicely as much USB (up to 32 GB) & SD visiting card trace because wider measure about enter options. Connect something thou necessity between one speedy yet effortless step and arrive the entertainment going. To reach ye going without someone interruptions we have covered a greater thoroughness high exorcism AUX cable. Now just plug and play. Hi function remote control Now right here is a far off control as is road beyond the regular as operates up to a length about 5 metre (16 feet). It has each feature you want then afterwards partial more. Volume, Repeat, source, equaliser, previous, next, mute…… such is completely loaded. Once this is among thy palms you are the character within control. And according to pinnacle such every the remote comes along batteries. Total control panel for perfect sound Behind the Woofer you’ll locate the government panel. This is beside where you arrive aggregate government atop the entire system. Apart beside ordinary power buttons as on/off, play/pause, next/previous, thou do additionally alter the volume, short and treble because the desired tune namely through your mood. And condition you need according to best note the response like Jazz & Pop, in that place is an equaliser button. Perfect because of the perfectionist.  


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