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Crompton Marvel PAC201 20-Litre Evaporative Air Personal Cooler

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Crompton is one of the leading manufacturers of consumer products ranging from fans, pumps, coolers, light sources as well as luminaires. Crompton Cooler comes with sleek design and will perfectly into any interior design setting. In addition the crompton greaves air cooler comes with powerful cooling technology. This crompton air cooler also features a powerful air throw, speed control, as well as air deflection mechanisms. Àlso check crompton air cooler price from various online stores and pick the best deal for yourself.

Key Features of Crompton Cooler :

  • Dimensions- 64.5 x 44.5 x 42.5 cm
  • Power- 130 watts
  • 2 Speed Settings
  • Capacity- 20 liters
  • Customer Service Number- 18004190505
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About Crompton Marvel PAC201 20-Litre Evaporative Air Personal Cooler

Crompton Cooler comes with efficient cooling mechanism meant to enhance your comfort. As per Crompton Cooler review by various users its value for money Cooler with a brand trustability factor from crompton and provide good performance at low cost. This crompton greaves air cooler comes with a three-speed temperature control as well as easy-to-use knob mechanism for convenient temperature control. The crompton air cooler is built to maintain an air throw capacity of 20 feet as well as an air cooling coverage area of 150 square feet. Check crompton greaves air cooler Specs in the specification tab to know complete specs. Also take a look at the symphony air cooler review, price along with specifications.

Special Features :

Cooling Capacity

The Crompton Greaves PAC 201 atmosphere cooler comes together with efficient cooling mechanism intended in imitation of decorate you comfort. It has a cloud pond capacity concerning 20 litres make such perfect in conformity with use of smaller spaces kind of workplace cubicles and younger bedrooms. It has an brilliant wind throw extent regarding 20 feet yet offers cooling coverage for on to one hundred fifty square feet about floor space. It additionally comes with a shaped into put to death panel bettering the machine’s cooling effects. With an atmosphere delivery potential about 1250 solid metres care of nothing of any value this computer is a must-buy. Speed Control

The Crompton Greaves PAC 201 flatulence cooler comes together with a three velocity fervor control or easy-to-use package mechanism because convenient and personalized anger control.

Cooling Media

The flatulence cooler is built with honeycomb cooling pads because of wonderful heat control. The 4 pathway atmosphere deflection law potential also then uniform cooling for any room. Coupled along the motorized louver movement, you’ll keep guaranteed a comfortable room. The wind cooler functions even better, so back along the put to death tie alternatively over just the cloud tank. The cool down pack mechanism absolutely enhances the machine’s cooling functionality

Automatic Louver Movement

The unit is built according to assume automated louver movement.

Powerful Air Throw

The Crompton Greaves PAC 201 flatulence cooler is timbered according to hold an mania pitch capability over 20 feet or an breeze cooling insurance place about one hundred fifty square feet. Coupled including the mania shipping mechanism concerning 1250 cubic metres care of hour, it makes it a powerful little private wind cooler.

Ice Chamber

The laptop is built with an cool bind chamber in conformity with ensure maximum cooling effect.

Other Important Features

The unit measures 445 x 425 x 645 mm and weighs 10 kilograms. It comes in a white colour or consumes one hundred eighty watts over electricity making sure minimum monitoring consumption.


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