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Universal World Wide Travel Charger Adapter Plug

Universal charger adapter plug helps you charge your electronic gadgets through different electrical outlets. This best travel charger universal travel charger is compatible in more than 150 countries. Check best travel adapter with usb price from various online stores as well as cashback offered against each store and pick deal for yourself.

Key Features :

  • CLASSYTEK Universal Worldwide Uses Travel AC Power Adaptor Surge Protector with UK + EU + AU + US Power Plug – White
  • Works in worldwide- United States, Canada, Europe, Middle East, South America, Asia, The Caribbean, Great Britain as well as Ireland
  • In addition it can be used in Africa, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, Fiji, New Zealand, China, Japan and more than 150 countries
  • This actually converts power outlet when travelling to other countries
  • This pack includes a travel pouch for easy storage
  • NOTE- This power adapter plug converts the power outlet only
  • This adapter does not convert electrical output current as well as voltage
  • Please make sure your device has an electrical converter when you travel to other countries with different electrical output.
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About Universal World Wide Travel Charger Adapter Plug

This best travel charger has a handling up to 250 volts and 13 watts. The best travel adapter comes with built-in surge protector to keep your appliances safe from spikes in the flow of different voltage or frequency abroad. check best travel adapter with usb reviews and specifications at various sites and place the best deal. Also take a look at the bluetrigger HDMI cable price along with specifications.

Special Features :

International usage

This journey adapter is useful with respecting 150 countries across the globe. You perform usage it according to charge distinctive kinds over electric appliances, equal about what the socket type is. The charger is light between weight and comes including a travel bag therefore up to expectation ye can effortlessly put such into you tour portmanteau and raise entire you digital gadgets carefree.

Product specifications

The ClassyTek Universal Power Travel Adapter Plug factory on 250 volts. This is correlative including a brush on nations into the world such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia and Japan. The adapter is bright within coloration then transportable among nature, weighing solely in regard to 120 grams.

Value for money

Every us of a helps exclusive kinds concerning sockets, which is a trouble faced by way of commonplace travellers. However, using it journey charger plug intention extinguish this problem, permitting you in imitation of join a number of devices yet appliances. The adapter comes along an infant safety shutter as well as gives it a feel of safety if youngsters then kiddies are around. This technology helps after shield ye out of anybody anger and accident if they appear between advice along the electronic device. Since the adapter is designed in accordance with labor of distinctive countries, such protects your device between case regarding any voltage then frequency change. Some mean observable features between the manufacture are limit indicator lights or switches in accordance with commence or lock. The power indicator notifies so much the socket action has been grew to become 'On'.


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