atlanta healthcare air purifier
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Atlanta Healthcare Beta 350 7-Stage Purification Air Purifier with Remote Control

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Atlanta Air Purifier uses Multi Advance Filter Technology to provide the purest air in the world. The atlanta healthcare air purifier is the best for coverage up to 350 Square Feet. Atlanta air purifier beta 350 is suitable for Homes, Hospitals, Hotel Rooms, Guest Houses, Dentist And Doctor’S Chambers.

Key Features of atlanta healthcare air purifier :

  • 7-STAGE air filtration technology with Pre-filter, HEPA filter, anti bacterial filter, activated carbon, photo catalyst oxidisation, UV light and ioniser
  • Purification for dust-free and healthy indoors, helps keep indoor air free from dust (PM10, PM2.5), gases, smoke, bad odour, allergens and airborne infections
  • Ideal for indoor spaces up to 350 sq.ft.
  • Air Flow (m3/hr)- 225
  • CADR (m3/hr)- 170
  • Maximum coverage area (sq. ft.)- 350
  • H13 grade HEPA Filter
  • Fan Speed Modes- 3 [Low / Medium / Fast]
  • Timers: 1 to 12 hours and Manual
  • Min Noise level (dB)- 35
  • Max Noise level (dB)- 45
  • LED Display
  • Advanced filtration technology
  • Multi-mode operations
  • Plug & play operation
  • Auto start in case of power failure
  • Remote Control
  • Night mode
  • Body Material- Plastic
  • Voltage (Volts)- 220
  • Colour- White
  • Power- 43 watt
  • Provided with warranty period of 1 year on product
  • Includes- Main Unit,  User Manual,Remote Control, Warranty Card
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About Atlanta Healthcare Beta 350 7-Stage Purification Air Purifier with Remote Control

The atlanta healthcare beta 350 helps to keep indoor air free from dust (PM10, PM2.5), gases, smoke, bad odour, allergens and airborne infectants. Atlanta healthcare air purifier has 7-stage air purification technology that includes Pre-filter, Anti-bacterial filter, Activated Catalyst, HEPA, Photo catalyst and Ionizer.Check atlanta air purifier beta 350 review in video tab and get to know more about the product.Atlanta air purifier beta 350 comes with remote control and can be operated in Manual, Timer and Automatic modes. Check atlanta healthcare beta 350 price from various online stores and cashback offered against each store and pick the best deal for yourself. Also take a look at the philips ac407211 air purifier with price and specifications.

Special Feature :

Sterilize / UV

Built-in UV brush effectively kills microorganisms and sterilises air from micro organism and virus. The UV light back into the law belongs according to UV-C (called germicidal UV) category and has a wave concerning 245nm. Efficiency of sterilisation is > 97.6%.


Ions are recognised namely the “Air vitamin” so such improves air quality. This generates high dimension of ions to furnish forest-fresh environment.

Timer and Auto Start

It has a timer as can keep employ because 1 in imitation of 12 hours and Manual mode. Also, that desktop automatically begins among litigation regarding limit failure.

Pollution Sensor

Additional to filter change indicator it has superior honour or particulate count sensor along automated system rule (Auto Speed).

Super Silence Technology

With advanced ultra-silent motors, that one is so cool namely it can get at sub 45-decibel uproar levels. You may not hear it, it is that quiet!

CE Certified

All our merchandise are CE Certified.

1-Year Warranty

Atlanta Healthcare Air Purifier comes together with 1-Year Warranty (excluding consumables).

Plug and Play / Do it yourself

The laptop is effortless to install then operate. Servicing & altering over filters can lie instituted manual



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