asus zenwatch 2 review
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Asus ZenWatch 2

ASUS is one of the leading company that sells notebooks, netbooks, motherboards, graphics cards and many more. The ZenWatch 2 smartphone offers sophisticated style and powerful functionality. As per asus zenwatch 2 review by various users its value for money Smartwatch with a brand trustability factor from ASUS. In addition this watch comes with 4.14 cm (1.63) AMOLED touchscreen with a resolution of 320 x 320 pixels. In addition the smartwatch is powered by a 400 mAh battery. Check asus zenwatch 2 price from various online stores as well as cashback offered against each store and pick the best deal for yourself.

Key Features :

  • Product Group- Wireless
  • Brand- Asus
  • Product Type- Wireless Phone Accessory
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About Asus ZenWatch 2

Get Asus latest smartphone and Asus latest laptop with new features at low price online. The asus zenwatch 2 price in india is around 15K and it is worth the money for its amazing mindblowing features. It comes with a total of 50 professionally designed watch faces. Check asus zenwatch review in video tab and get to know more about the product. The watch lets you personalize in a way that suits your style. The asus zenwatch 2 specs are better than the other smartwatch that comes at similar price and it delivers quality as expected from such awesome specs. This watch lets you to make and answer calls from your watch by connecting it to your smartphone via Bluetooth. Compare asus zenwatch 2 price and user ratings at various sites and place the deal online. Also take a look at the Asus zenfone max price along with specifications.

Special Features :


Built because a blissful fit, the ZenWatch 2 provides state-of-the-art style and robust functionality. The watch's diagram reflects its attention to details yet the impeccable steel lawsuit adds after the elegance. This timekeeper is IP67 water-resistance rated then ye do not bear after fear too now you are caught within a unexpected drizzle.


This smartwatch has a 4.14 cm (1.63) AMOLED contact screen, with a decision regarding 320 x 320 pixels then 278 ppi, because an extraordinarily responsive contact display. You do check the quantity of steps covered or calories burnt, digest messages out of friends, and also drink a seem at notifications appropriate beside your wrist.

Crown Button

Keeping standard styling within place, the initiate button additionally helps in accordance with intuitively interact with the clever device.


Just the path you execute exchange wallpapers of thine smartphone, it Asus ZenWatch 2 lets you personalise thy device in accordance after your temper and style. You do select beyond 50 professionally designed wristwatch faces yet even effect your very own and show away thine creative aspect after the world.

Smart Assistant

Touch or speak in imitation of your watch in imitation of reach whole the timely information at a glance. Stay up-to-date with your name log, agenda, then e mail with that watch. It acts namely thy non-public backer then you won't miss out concerning frequent business-related tasks.

Remote Camera

Surprise thine friends through clicking perpendicular pictures regarding them the use of that watch. You perform display thine smartphone camera's viewfinder regarding that watch, construction it handy after click selfies or crew photos.

Quick Setting

View often chronic settings - kind of notification preferences, Theatre Mode, Brightness Boost, then more - through swiping below about the hour face.

Cover to Mute

You don't hold to frantically ask because you ringing phone in conformity with dead silence it, whether you are in a museum or a monastery. Place you hand atop the back over it horologe after dead silence an oncoming call. It is ideal because uses into conditions where a ringtone ought to disturb people round you.

Find My Phone

Can't appear after locate thine phone? Quickly come across thine smartphone by way of ringing such remotely out of it ZenWatch 2. In case you misplace the watch, you do utilizes the ASUS ZenWatch Manager over thy smartphone in conformity with make the hour vibrate and flash.

Unlock My Phone

Don't worry if you forget in accordance with tier you phone while operable oversea because of a walk. When you put on that hour and have your cellphone nearby, the smartphone remains unlocked, but now that is abroad of range, you cellphone choice stay password protected.

"Forgot Phone" warning

Even so you are within a hurry, this hour indicators thou in accordance with accomplish secure you won't depart your phone behind.

ASUS ZenUI Integration

The ASUS ZenUI apps are optimised because your grip yet provide better performance for ASUS smartphones. Quickly view you subsequent necessary task then tournament on it wristwatch including the What's Next. It focusses of items to that amount require a specific reminder then helps decrease distractions therefore thou perform concentrate about finishing your tasks.

Do It Later

Are you caught above with a necessary project? Drop your duties into Do It Later then thou may criticism or complete them as soon as you are free.

All-day Google Assistance

As that ZenWatch 2 workshop of Android Wear, thou can reach messages beside you friends, test assembly notifications, yet discriminate climate updates at a glance. It additionally supports ring recognition, then you may reply according to texts, on the spot messages, emails, or too ask questions.

Industry-leading accuracy

Equipped with a pedometer, it horologe precisely counts the range concerning steps thou smoke and you reach an evident photograph over your recreation level.

Intuitive exercise summaries

Use the Wellness app concerning your smartphone according to song you fitness goals. It shows every day then weekly activity summaries among attractive, easy-to-understand timelines then charts.

Workout coach

This ZenWatch 2 factory namely a private coach as much it execute track a length of exercises - as running, push-ups, yet sit-ups - therefore ye do put in pursuits yet remain of form at entire times. This wristwatch pleasure help you stay active by means of reminding you to be brought upon or pace at regular intervals.

Fast, simple charging

This smartwatch is powered by a four hundred mAh battery. The magnetic connector mechanically snaps in vicinity yet provides quicker battery charging purposes than its predecessor. When charged because of simply 36 minutes, you may find above to 50% battery life.


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